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  • nextinbreed nextinbreed Nov 14, 2007 10:38 AM Flag

    where is k-man

    maybe sales, inventory, and dept load do count. I thought that you would be here today telling us to look to future. where have you gone. its going to real hard for you to dump your 250,000 shares. good luck

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    • You must be new to kenworld. Here's how it works:

      Sometime today, kenman will pop on and say that he sold all his shares two days ago for a huge profit.

      Forget that he said he had 500,000 shares, and volume was far less than 500,000 on the day he will claim to have sold. This is Kenworld, baby. The laws of physics, or finances, do NOT apply.

      Kenworld doesn't ALWAYS work that way. The alternative is: if ken pops on now and starts pumping the heck out of this stock, it means he didn't sell yet, but he wants to. He'll try to average down and then he'll implore you 10 times a day to hold -- translated, that means "YOU hold while I sell this pile I own - if we all sell, I won't make as much."

      You'll find that people follow ken around from board to board. That's because he's lied to and insulted a lot of people, and ruined a lot of message boards with his drivel.

      Welcome to Kenworld. It's all about the green. As in, the color of your face when you realize how bad his investment advice was, and how duplicitous Kenworld is.

    • sorry k-man
      on nov 8th you said you had 500,000 shares.$ 90,000 in the hole. don't give all that 400k back.

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