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  • jjfinallyfree2000 jjfinallyfree2000 Mar 4, 2008 4:43 PM Flag

    someone showing shares AH

    I saw someone show off a 375,000 share sale at 1.40... and a 500,000 buy at .40...they weren't there long but it caught my eye, someone screwing around LOL.. it's not me, prob either KMAN or McCandless playing around

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    • STOP THE BULL@#$%????

      you posted your true feelings but your thinking is really screwed up IMO...why can't i compare TRLG in July of 05 to BLUE in June of 08 when they were both trading at $.60? spew out the $200 million TRLG sales but fail to state that it's there 2008 projection...

      when i compared TRLG to BLUE i was stating the correlation that in July 05 TRLG was at $.60 cents with only approx. $30 million in sales so actually at BLUE'S $.60 cent bottom BLUE'S $35 million sales base is larger...maybe in 2 years ill be comparing BLUES $200 millon to TRLG's sales...

      if TRLG could make the comback from $.60 cents to $24.00 with one Name Jean and different styles i have no doubt that BLUE with it's 3 styles and Faith Connection will get back to it's old high's of $8.00...

      i think your such a negative shareholder because your shares are under water and you want to get even and peel!...thats fine but maybe first you should call Palmer and find out what your giving up...

      you like so many speculators including me on some stocks think that a 50% move is the target sell area and thats true for trades...but IMO BLUE can be alot better going foward with Palmer Guiding it than when it was changing hands at $8.00 a couple of years ago!...kind regards but please stop the crying or we will have to put you in the "BLUE Child Care Center for Depressed Shareholders!"...k man...

    • Nextbreed I told you this poppy will go $0.50 soon. I'm waiting to fill my order. Don't listen to Kenman hype, he is a fags wearing antik. he he heh

    • Everyone please notice that k-man doesn't respond to anything i post. All he can say is go away. Either he should back up his bullshit or shut up.

    • Stop the bullshit????
      that's the only thing you post. You compare a company with 200 million in sales to a company that has 35 million!!! The only thing trlg and blue have in common is that they make jeans, the difference is that trlg sells theirs and blue keeps theirs in a wharehouse somewhere.

    • your negativity is never ending...Cry Cry Cry, thats all you want you demand you should have answers...spend the dime and call Palmer instead of whining to your favorite color BLACK?...if BLUE pops say $.50 cents you will be a gonna!...O, God i hope it opos $.50 cents so you sell and stop all the whining!...

    • nextinbreed, get a grip, do you really think anyone could just sell 140k shares in a none-liquid stock like BLUE your 1st investment?...stop the B/S...

    • yeah its possible. jusr no sign of it. tell us the truth, wouldn't you feel better about blue if palmer had his money in the game like the rest of us. Don't you think most ceo buy their stock when they think it is trading at a discount? what would you do, buy stock at .60 or wait for your options rally back. I WOULD DO BOTH.

    • JAN 16th:
      Ceo Palmer today gave more clarity about 4q confirming what he guided for.....breakeven to slightly profitable. If you look at the numbers he presented closely, revenues of $7.5m were also met.

      This means that margins are about 50% and the company is starting to realize savings per the recent restructuring.

      He said in the last cc that the full impact of the restructuring program will be seen in q1 2008. If he meets the guidance he gave for q1 2008 in terms of revenue you can see that blue will post about 4c/share net income in q1.

      The international deals announced yesterday plus the other initiatives he highlighted in the presentation today should go a long way towards continuous and steady revenue growth.

      We all know through trlg that the high end jean sector is strong despite the economy....and is growing faster overseas where he is expanding now.

    • Stock closed at $1.26 on July 23 '07, the day before the Palmer take over.

      ANYTHING, repeat anything that the stock did in the next six months cannot be attributed to him. Wheels in motion on a trainwreck course that takes time to bring to a stop.

      Closing stock price six months and one day later was $.60 .... I suggest you start your comparisons from there pal. Be a little forgiving of REALITY ok. Right now BLUE is UP from those low levels by 30%.

      Six months from now, where will BLUE be? I'm confident it'll be over $1.

      Twelve months from now? Nobody knows, but again, over $1 and probably much higher. When these companies go positive on earnings the market gives that initial period a substantially higher premium. I guesss you don't believe BLUE can achieve positive earnings again and grow revenues. I do.

    • k-man
      Palmer will NOT have to pay $1.40 to exercize his options. All he has to do is exercize the options and sell the stock the same day. It was a lottery ticket at no cost to him just the shareholders. The price was around $1.40 when they hired him. Both palmer and the company thought it was a lay-up. The stock is down almost 50% since then.

      Palmer had three major things to do,
      1 cut costs
      2 cut inventory
      3 sell jeans.

      It really is that simple.
      1 he did cut costs
      2 waiting to see if he cut inventory
      3 waiting to see if he can sell jeans.

      As a shareholder don't you think we should have timely answers to those questions? What will you do if inventory isn't cut? don't you think that we should do more in 2008 than trlg will do in a couple of months.??? TRLG has no debt. trlg has stores they opened with their own cash and they make money. Blue still doesn't know if they will keep or close the 2 they have. Sales have been FLAT FLAT FLAT. Where is the growth?? Sales of 7.5 million for q4 is not even a good startup jeans company. Take all the time you need to spin this as a good thing. Ask your buddy who went to the nyc show if they sold anything, palmer won't tell us. He only speaks to beder. I quess he doesn't care about the shareholders.

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