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  • wendell3308 wendell3308 Nov 20, 2008 5:26 PM Flag

    Iran adding centrifuges, U stockpiles

    Q. Why would a country like Iran want nuclear power?
    A. So it can generate electricity more efficiently & cost effectively.
    Iran is loaded with URANIUM just like Brazil is.
    By building nuclear power plants, Iran can SELL more OIL & GAS.

    Q. What is foreign policy all about?
    A. It's ALWAYS about MONEY & WHO gets it!

    Q. Why are newspapers HYPING MISINFORMATION about bombs & Iran?
    A. See answer to above question.

    Q. Why doesn't Iran "cooperate" with the IAEA?
    A. IAEA is "captured' by SPECIAL INTERESTS & does not represent what's in the best interests of the Iranian people. The Iranian guv'ment has been trying for years to get it's nuke power plants built & operational. SPECIAL INTERESTS have combined to make sure the Iranians don't get it...until they provide "assurances" to Israel.

    Q. Why would Israel need assurances?
    A. It doesnt'. Israel is well-armed with nuke tipped cruise missles in subs that can strike ANYWHERE....ANYTIME. Iran attacking Israel would result in the complete destruction of Iran, regardless of the damage to Israel. Iranians are not stupid.
    Israel has F16's equipped for nuclear bombs & cruise missles. Not A bombs, but H bombs. REAL WEAPONS for REAL DESTRUCTION.

    Q. What would be the signal that Iran is really developing WMD's?
    A. If somebody points out that Iran is working to produce tritium in high quantities.....and can prove it......that's what's needed for H bombs.
    F^ck the uranium enrichment....meaningless for REAL WMDs!
    Meanwhile this is just FUD for SPECIAL INTERESTS.