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  • rld4191966forever rld4191966forever Jan 11, 2012 2:17 PM Flag

    If USU leaves Paducah what is left?

    I hope it wouldnt be worthless.
    They got something.

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    • You do not have to hope. All you have to do is to inform yourself through reading the SEC statements of USEC. The best one to read is the AR as it is more comprehensive. If you choose to do so, you can analyze USEC's balance sheet thoroughly. You will see that the majority of assets are in the ACP, with next to zero in Paducah. You will also see that Paducah is not USEC's only source of revenue, but by at least 50%, it is Russia. So, conceivably, USEC can walk away from Paducah and still have revenue from Russia with no work added. However, if this path were chosen, this would be just a way to maintain management salaries, nothing there for stockholders.

    • I totally agree that they have something. Unfortunately, they have nothing to show for it. Free cash flow of a measly 2m in 2010 on 2bn of revenue is not exactly something to write home about. But I'm not blaming management. They have to work with what they got; the gaseous diffusion technology is an awfully energy-intensive and costly process, given today's energy prices, but it's all they have got for now.

      But maybe USU can secure the money from the government for the projected state-of-the-art uranium-enrichment plant in Ohio. Of course, that would be a major gamechanger. I'm just gonna stay long and wait how that turns out. I have a pretty good idea though ...