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  • snortdd snortdd Dec 10, 2012 8:37 AM Flag

    OT: LED's Are Now Obsolete

    Will this mean that the GOP will now take up it's usual struggle to be on the wrong side of history- by introducing bills to SAVE THE LED?

    I hope so. Conservatives can be so entertaining!

    "So were the bulbs banned or not?

    Contrary to claims frequently made by conservative talk radio, bloggers, and some news media outlets, incandescent light bulbs are not actually being "banned." Incandescent bulbs with newer, more efficient technology will still be for sale, because the 2007 law does not single out any particular lighting technology. It only requires light bulbs to meet higher levels of efficiency if they are to be sold.

    Under that law, general-purpose light bulbs must become about 30 percent more energy efficient. Different bulb classes face different deadlines, all between 2012 and 2014. The old Edison bulb gets killed on January 1, 2012. But more-efficient incandescent bulbs, which use only 72 watts to give the same output as an old 100-watt Edison bulb, will still be sold.

    While Edison bulbs today are about 30-50 cents apiece, updated versions cost $1.50. But the latter pay for themselves in energy savings in about six months.

    The old incandescent bulb is clearly an energy hog. Just 5 percent of the electricity it uses lights the bulb – the rest ends up as heat."

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    • While I am all for the development and marketing of the new light technologies, we must remember that the same rules may also apply to traffic signals. The "problem" with the new light technologies is that they are so efficient that very little energy is lost as heat. The reality is that in cold climates, the ice and snow that can accumulate around a traffic signal will not be efficiently melted. Visibility and reduced margin of safety are the results of the unintended consequences of being "too green."