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  • splanton splanton Jan 4, 2013 7:10 PM Flag

    HEU/Mo-99 comment...

    from a medical news bulletin board; no idea of any significance to anything, but thought
    I'd post it.. Stan
    Congress passed a bill late last month to shore up domestic production of molybdenum-99 and phase out the export of high-enriched uranium to make radiopharmaceuticals.

    The bill authorizes funding of "non-federal entities," such as universities and private companies, to research and develop new ways to make the radioisotope used in tens of thousands of nuclear medicine imaging exams in the United States every day.

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    • Splanton, the Mo-99 isotope is a daughter product of Tc-99 decay. The metastable Tc-99 isotope has a relatively short half-life. The resulting Mo-99 isotope has what must be therapeutic properties, making this isotope of medical value. These radio-chemicals had been manufactured at Oak Ridge and at one of the labs in Canada. Several issues had arisen which resulted in limited production at these two "reliable" sites. The legislation appears to be geared to ensuring an adequate supply while the issues at Oak Ridge and in Canada are resolved.