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  • b1g_brothr b1g_brothr Feb 25, 2013 7:26 PM Flag

    OT: Nuclear Disarmament Efforts Failing?

    From WA Times:
    Last year, the Obama administration announced to the world that it was planning to pursue a new Asia/Pacific-oriented national security strategy. Since then, North Korea has countered with a strategy of its own. In December, Pyongyang successfully launched a multistage intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying a warhead-sized payload to the U.S. mainland. On Feb. 12, the North Koreans tested an improved-design nuclear weapon.

    After the test, Pyongyang announced that despite tightened United Nations sanctions that theoretically went into force last month, its latest nuclear test bolstered its defenses against U.S. “hostility.” In a lengthy broadcast on the communist dictatorship’s Korean Central News Agency, a government spokesman claimed that countries that abandoned nuclear weapons in response to U.S. pressure have suffered “tragic consequences” and that North Korea’s nuclear program is “farsighted.”

    Libya is the only nation known to have quit an ongoing nuclear program in the past 20 years. Moammar Gadhafi dropped out of the nuclear weapons club after Saddam Hussein was dragged from a spider hole in 2003. A former intelligence official tells me that Pyongyang’s reference to “countries” — plural — is likely “hyperbolic propaganda, but there is no doubt Gadhafi is dead.”

    Washington’s timid response to all this is being watched well beyond the Beltway. Intelligence sources tell me that Pyongyang already has informed Beijing that there will be further nuclear and ICBM tests in the months to come, and the nice communists running the People’s Republic of China have assured their North Korean comrades that they will veto any new U.N. economic sanctions.

    All of this has to please the despotic regime in Tehran. According to my old friends in the intelligence business, Iranian scientists and technicians have been present for all of the North Korean ICBM and nuclear tests. Iran is North Korea’s only known customer for this technology, and there is no doubt that North Korean scientists have a proven ability to build nuclear bombs and the means of delivering them in spite of U.N. sanctions.

    My note: Ironically, the Obama Administration's actions against Ghadaffi have convinced Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, and Venezuela that they NEED nuclear weapons! Talk about unintended consequences from a feckless foreign policy and taking your eyes off the ball.