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  • splanton splanton Apr 4, 2013 1:01 PM Flag

    new fedstock for ptroduction??

    w. ky star (snip)
    METROPOLIS, IL - Honeywell will resume production at its Metropolis plant this June, according to company spokesman Peter Dalpe.

    Dalpe told the Paducah Sun Honeywell has rehired some of the 228 employees laid off in July as the company continues work to upgrade the plant according to Nuclear Regulatory Commission recommendations.

    According to Dalpe, The plant currently employs 188 workers, up from the 106 that were kept during the July layoff. Prior to the layoff, 334 employees worked at the plant.

    The local plant has been closed down since the NRC recommended upgrades to ensure the plant could withstand a natural disaster, such as an earthquake.

    Dalpe told the Sun the upgrades involve seismic hardening, and require a sizeable investment by the company.

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    • Good news for the City of Metropolis! Honeywell locked out striking workers after a very contentious strike. The strike seemed irrational at the time, but the articles I read didn't have the worker's viewpoint. Glad to see that at least some of the jobs survived.

      Honeywell Uranium Hexafluoride Processing Facility, a uranium conversion facility, is located 3 km northwest of Metropolis, Illinois. The plant, Honeywell Specialty Chemicals in Metropolis, Illinois, has a nominal capacity of 12,700 metric tons of uranium per year. The plant manufactures a variety of products, but about 80 percent of the plant's work involves refining raw uranium ore into uranium hexafluoride. Across the Ohio river in Paducah, Kentucky, the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, can enrich the uranium hexafluoride into various levels for nuclear power or nuclear weapon purposes.[1] ConverDyn, a general partnership between affiliates of Honeywell and General Atomics, is the exclusive agent for conversion sales from the Metropolis Works.