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  • mickeymacmichael mickeymacmichael Jul 11, 2013 9:41 PM Flag

    Countdown to Nuclear Ruin at Paducah

    Funny-alarmist article on how shutting down the plant will cause "a full-blown nuclear catastrophe involving hundreds of tons of enriched uranium tainted with plutonium, technetium, arsenic, beryllium and a toxic chemical brew."
    By resident nutcase Geoffrey Sea over at the Eco Watch website.

    According to Sea, "If the main power to the diffusion cascade is cut as now may be unavoidable, the uranium hexafluoride gas inside thousands of miles of piping and process equipment will crystallize, creating a very costly gigantic hunk of junk as a bequest to future generations, delaying site cleanup for many decades and risking nuclear criticality problems that remain unstudied. Unlike gaseous uranium that can be flushed from pipes with relative ease, crystallized uranium may need to be chiseled out manually, adding greatly to occupational hazards."

    I'm guessing he's a strong Obama fan.

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    • I hadn't seen much in weeks on this...last
      I noted was a 6/27 news release by an outfit called "NOVA"
      (no PBS affiliation, though?)... Stan

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      • Geoffery Sea has another screed titled "Uranium Titan Tumbles dated July 12, 2013
        Quoting: "USEC used to be a world giant in the supply of nuclear fuel. Once wielding monopoly power over the domestic supply and international pricing of enriched uranium, its motto touts “A Global Energy Company,” even as USEC struggles with the expense of closing its last production facility in the non-metropolis of Paducah, Kentucky. (Metropolis is over the river in Illinois.)

        But in a spectacular sell-off signaling bizarre irregularities in the way the company has been managed and subsidized, USEC Inc.’s stock price has tumbled in a pattern known to market analysts as a “falling knife.” On the Friday after July 4, normally a sleepy trading day, the rush to sell USEC stock caused $2 gaps between ask and bid prices, ending with a 40 percent drop in value for the day. After double-digit percentage share-price declines at enormous volume on July 3, July 5 and July 8, (thirty times average volume on July 8), the total market valuation of the company is now about $16 million, ranking it as Lilliputian."

        Even though he's a troll, he does a better job espousiong his views then USEC's PR department does spreading the true facts. No comment on defeating the ammendment to defund USEC. What are they doing with their time, playing video games?

    • I read Geoffrey Seas and stopped. His bias junk is not worth 2 cents. I believe he lives adjacent to the ACP plant being built and wants nothing more than USEC to be dead. He has a back to caveman approach to sustainability. Wanna bet USEC engineers are well aware of their cascade risks and remediation?

    • Send the garbage into space, let aliens deal with it.

    • Not that many years ago there was a series of brown and black outs in midwest which if I remember right USEC volunteered to cut its power so homes could be heated. One does not have to guess as when this happened it cost USEC money to restart but did not cause an eco crisis. I believe D.O.E. now has complete responsibility for cleanup of the site jsut like Hanford and many other sites around the US which go unattended so will Paducah until another earhquake forces action.
      IMHO Glad USEC is getting out of Paducah!!!!!!!!!

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      • According to industry officials, five teams are believed to have formed to compete for the new contract, two of which are believed to be led by one of the ID/IQ contract holders with another ID/IQ contractor serving in a subcontractor role. The teams include CH2M Hill with B&W and URS; Bechtel with North Wind and EnergySolutions; Fluor with LATA; CB&I (which purchased Shaw) with AREVA; and AECOM with Stoller. Both URS and EnergySolutions are ID/IQ contact holders. Those ID/IQ contractors believed to be not interested in the new Paducah contract, according to industry officials, are CDM; Jacobs Engineering Group; MACTEC Engineering and Consulting, Inc.; and Science Applications International Corp.

        DOE currently expects to assume responsibility for the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant from current leaseholder USEC in Fiscal Year 2014. According to a draft Request for Task Proposals issued in May, DOE is currently planning to award a three-year cost-plus-award-fee deactivation contract with firm-fixed price elements (WC Monitor, Vol. 24 No. 22). Work to be performed under the contract will include facility deactivation, surveillance and maintenance and utility operations; deactivation, decontamination and demolition; the construction of an on-site disposal waste facility; and post-Gaseous Diffusion Plant shutdown cleanup activities. DOE accepted industry comments on the draft through June 7, and industry officials currently expect the Department to issue a final Request for Task Proposals in early August.