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  • naiji2013 naiji2013 Jul 23, 2013 3:11 AM Flag

    Why the jump

    Anybody knows why the jump?

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    • Some japanese election where the guy who got elected is pro nuclear. All uranium stocks made some kind of jump off of the news

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      • Knowing is not possible but the combination of Japan election, naked shorts having to cover 25 times their original short could also have been an issue as the stock rose and bk talk was more obvious to shareholders as bull---- and just another lie from shorts. Perhaps the Russians are agreeing to downblend more bomb materials? Perhaps B&W is already buying in but keeping their ownership below required disclosure levels? With people still buying in heavily at $15 before the halt tells me there is something that makes USU worth well above that level and we will find out soon.
        Frankly the current valuation makes no sense anyway considering that without ACP USEC is profitable and before multiplying by 25 the stock could have held a $3 to $5 value. times 25 that's $76 to $125.