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  • lewis_whokeyser lewis_whokeyser Aug 3, 2013 11:07 AM Flag

    OT: New EPA Chief Vows to Focus on "Carbon Pollution"

    BOSTON — The new head of the Environmental Protection Agency told an audience at Harvard Law School on Tuesday that cutting carbon pollution will “feed the economic agenda of this country” and vowed to work with industry leaders on shaping policies aimed at curbing global warming.

    “Climate change will not be resolved overnight,” EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told the 310-member audience. “But it will be engaged over the next three years. That I can promise you.”

    McCarthy made a full-throated defense of her agency’s right to address greenhouse-gas emissions and other pollutants, saying that air-quality regulations and environmental cleanup efforts have already produced economic benefits in the United States.

    “Can we stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs, please?” she asked, prompting loud applause. “We need to embrace cutting-edge technology as a way to spark business innovation.”

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    • I am deeply distressed whenever I encounter a career academic or a career government individual try to tell business what to do. In a recent encounter with a career government person on the phone, I had to remind him that I was paying his salary and that he needed to start acting more like a servant to the American People (what he was actually hired to do). His attitude completely changed after he learned that I would not tolerate his insubordination.

      The environmental regulations killing jobs query is an indication of the 180 degrees out of phase of those who have no concept regarding the impact of what they do (Remember that the 12th Commandment, when doing government work, is "Thou Shall Not Think!"). Innovation occurs when an entrepreneur develops something of sufficiently high value that consumers/customers are willing to part with hard-earned dollars to buy it. Creativity is an important part of innovation and in a small fraction of examples is applied to overcome obstacles resulting from government (e.g., environmental) regulation.

      As long as Ms. McCarthy don't understand this basic concept, rational discussion with her et al. is impossible.

      • 1 Reply to muffdad1
      • Previously McCarthy pursued the Newhall Remediation Project, the largest residential environmental
        remediation project in Connecticut history, even though there was no evidence that it was
        necessary. The project aims to remove lead, arsenic, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
        (PAHs) by removing and replacing the top four feet of soil in the Newhall community. This project has
        dragged on for years, worried and inconvenienced residents unnecessarily, and wasted millions of
        taxpayer dollars.

        According to Meg Harvey, an epidemiologist with the Connecticut Department of Public Health, there
        was “no public health threat from lead, arsenic, or PAHs.” She went on to state that there were “no
        signs that children in neighborhood have blood lead now” after the contamination had been in place for
        decades. She continued on to say that “health survey results do not look unusual” and “published
        cancer rates for Hamden do not look unusual.”

        This boondoggle cost the Olin Corporation (the parent company of Winchester Repeating Arms)
        and Connecticut taxpayers $80 million.

        She will fit in very well with the current Administration.