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  • itwillgoup itwillgoup Sep 19, 2013 1:49 PM Flag

    This is why USU is going up

    On July 29th USU got funding from the DOE to continue the ACP project and the stock ran from less then 10 to 29. The funding was only enough to keep the project going to Sept. 30th, Now funding is needed for the final leg and could be announced shortly. It is highly unlikely the DOE will not fund the final leg of the project.
    The project on budget, on time, and the Tech works. USU will have an important new technology, has 1.2 billion in sales, and is valued at only 53 million.

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    • The US is funding the ACP for one reason only in my opinion, the US wants a technology that is more advanced than the Gas Diffusion that USEC possessed at Pikerton and Paducah, they want ACP for their Y-12 complex, the Silex process is third generation but for proliferation reasons will never be used for HEU, that is where second generation ACP comes in, because it will be cheaper to use than first generation Gas Diffusion, to manufacture HEU, but if USEC thinks that it will be competitive for LEU then they are sadly mistaken, all they are doing by proving up the ACP technology is providing the US with the best technology for HEU, and that is why the US government is funding it, the ACP will not be able to compete with Silex laser enrichment for LEU.

    • Did you forget about the BILLION extra dollars they wrote-off before closing the plant PLUS the BILLION extra in Capital Injection they said they would NEED to get it up and running??? Ya, 2 BILLION. Add that to the stock price...