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  • tangojunto tangojunto Oct 2, 2013 1:33 PM Flag


    Rotated out of USU at 11 today and in process of 1st stage accumulation of URG and URZ. DNN too, perhaps. Great time to buy.

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    • I'll buy WELL below 5.

    • Hmmm. Your sell at around $11 is starting to look very good. USU may be breaking through support here and things could get very ugly again. Maybe shorts have some more firepower??? They really go burned with USU. So, even though I believe USU is a dead stock walking (for equity, that is), I sense that the shorts will not be able to run the stock as low as they did this last time. So, maybe a bottom will be around $5 this time.

      Management had an opportunity to get something for equity by doing its restructuring when the PPS was closer to $20. At least it would have helped a little with the imminent dilution. When PPS returns to $5, there won't be much to work with again with market cap sitting at around $25mm.

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      • Broke through support. I am looking at around $7.50 for next area to form another base which is back at around .30 per share pre-split. I sense that the stock will stabilize there until USU announces its restructuring plan to put itself in a position to reapply for the DOE loan guarantee. Of course, the restructuring may not happen until the RD&D program is complete and successful.

    • Good luck. Just saw your post on the URZ board. Thought your name looked familiar. By the way, Jetty is supposedly part of an investment group that owns maybe around 1mm shares of URZ now. They also own URG. Deviateur appears to be from that area and has personal relationships with the companies based on his expertise. It is nice to have two posters with very good information regarding URZ.

      I am trying to get another $10k together for some more URZ and URG. I also am trying to free up cash from some other investments to load up more. DNN looks to be a safer play than URZ and URG, but may not produce the same kind of return.

      Good to stay away from USU. Way to risky with what lies ahead.

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      • I'm very appreciative of your looks like USU could hit your target of $7.50 sometime this week. I'm so glad I sold my 6000 shares at 11, Ultimately, those funds will be totally invested in the other companies. Right now--DNN and URZ. URG is very tempting and I think the floor is in just above $1. Back in April it was below .80 for a time but that surge thru 1.3 had already retraced 30%. I read that Australia has the worlds biggest deposits -- I'm looking for a similar company like DNN, URZ, or URG that might be a good geographical diversification.

      • Rotated out of USU at 11 today and in process of 1st stage accumulation of URG and URZ. DNN too, perhaps. Great time to buy.

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