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  • TheParallaxView TheParallaxView Sep 18, 1998 2:52 PM Flag


    Jury awarded a $40 million verdict against former
    owners of a nuke enrichment plant. Story in today's
    post..that's actual damages, not punitive

    Cancers in nearby town cited..

    Fears of this type,
    along with Nader nabobbing, could push stock lower
    short term and create more buying
    opportunities...(Anything under $15 is cheap).

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    • "Don't watch the news, watch the market!"

      USEC was up 11/16 today. That's 4.56%. The Dow was
      down .29%. I figure that was a pretty good day for
      USEC shareholders. I doubt if you'll see a price below
      $15 again. I sold mutual funds in my IRA to buy 200
      more shares of USEC yesterday.

      The enrichment
      plant which was the subject of the verdict was an old
      plant, closed in 1986. Any problems which have stemmed
      from prior operations in USEC's two plants are the
      responsibility of the federal government, under the terms of the
      exit agreement.
      If you are waiting for dips in
      price before you buy, look at the one-day chart and see
      what happened to the buyers who waited to buy today!
      There were some big blocks of stock bought today,
      indicating to me that pension funds and/or mutual funds are
      buying in.

      I've got news for you... $15 3/4 is
      Wile E.