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  • ballboy_ ballboy_ Oct 5, 1998 6:04 PM Flag

    Yahoo says no dividend???


    Been watching this issue as a potential defensive
    investment since I read something about them in a MSDW
    write-up. MSDW stated a dividend of near 7%. Has that been
    cut or suspended or is Yahoo's info just


    This topic is deleted.
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    • AVLIS ? Get real....and updated! USEC(USU) is going with PROVEN technology. I was there!

    • What I know would take your breath away team. Some would consider it an opportunity but I consider it a very heavy load to carry around. It is kind of like, "Oh well. Cotter has started up LD-7 mine so what do we all have to worry about? That should carry the 47 million pound shortfall, right?"

      You know team1. I'm very close to this DOE thing, and I'm saying "that's it??"

      I'm back in Vienna in six weeks. Would you like to come along at the IAEA's expense?

    • As a wise man once said, "We'll see Elvis before we see Alvis."

      He was right then and is right now. Thanks for this post. Kinda tells me to buy Cameco and ignore USEC.

    • Something amiss with AVLIS
      by: mwcarlyle 10/08/98 10:06 pm
      Msg: 97 of 43762

      Should a public company be spending over $2B on a concept that may or may not work? Kiss 10 years of cashflow goodbye on this one.

      Well, here you go folks.

      My first post on the USEC board about seven years ago. Sweet revenge.

      I posted this from northern Saskatchewan as a very frusturated engineer many,many years ago.

      I soon became the manager in charge of McArthur River and about two years ago I was the guy called back independently to shut off the flooding at the mine.

      So this is the final piece of the puzzle to those who have followed Monte over the last year or so. It's been an interesting time for me and I even made Time Magazine.

      Onward and forward.

    • Haven't I seen you on the FP board? Isn't this board (and stock) a bit tame? Frankly, It's a relief! (-:

      Wile E.

    • the link did work and did have info. Try again

    • nice dead link

    • He probably wouldn't be interested. No
      shareholder may own over 10% of this company during the three
      years following the IPO. You have a good point about
      engineers. One of the things I have said for years about
      nuclear power plants is that no two are alike. Engineers
      are like architects. They want their pesonal triumph.
      If a good basic design were used over and over, it
      would cut costs and help standardise safeguards,

      The gas plasma design used by Public Service Co. at
      Ft. St. Vrain in Colorado is a prime example of an
      engineering excursion into the absurd. After years of
      failures, it was dismantled.

      I think USEC is on the
      right track here. The plants they have use a technology
      which is antiquated and not cost-competative. They must
      replace it. If AVLIS cuts power costs by 90% to 95%, as
      they say it will, the Europeans will be the ones who
      aren't cost-competative. USEC is also helping to fund
      some laser research in Australia. Hopefully, if that
      research comes up with a better mouse trap, they will be
      able to switch and not lose a step.

    • As in one of the owners of this

      USU is a cash cow. The problem is they are determined
      to spend it all on their engineers pet projects.
      Where are the accountants?

      This project will
      cost 150% of the companies

      Wouldn't it be better to take that money and do a buyback?
      Seems to me they could buyback about 8% or so of the
      stock out there this year with what they are spending
      on AVLIS this year.

      This puppy would be at
      $30 in 3-4 years. Do the numbers.

      Warren Buffet when you need him.

    • What do you think we should do? I'm awfully long
      on USEC. Maybe I should sell it all, but I would
      need for you to tell me what to do with the

      We had another guy crapping on USU. After a while,
      he admitted that he was waiting for it to get to 14
      and he would buy it. (He has now had that
      opportunity.) Is that your goal? Or are you short? Maybe you
      just dropped by to entertain us.

      Wile E.

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