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  • wile_e99 wile_e99 Oct 29, 1998 8:24 PM Flag

    Strange intraday chart

    The trading today was really wierd. It went way
    down on light volume, then came back up to yesterday's
    closing price, then back down a quarter. This may somehow
    show the volatility which options trading will
    introduce. Until now, it has traded like a utility. Lots of
    straight lines, not much movement. I looked for news, but
    couldn't find any.

    Anyone have any idea what might
    have caused it?

    Wile E.

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    • Siting for the new AVLIS plant is beginning soon.
      Undoubtedly the folks who insist that nuke plants not be
      built in their back yard are going to be very vocal.
      Therefore, the logical choices are an already existing
      plant, either Portsmouth, OH, or Paducah,

      Anyway, AVLIS works by ionizing the U235 atoms which are
      then attracted to an electrode. "Knocking a proton
      from the nucleus" is simply impossible.

      As far
      as MOX goes, USEC is too busy pursuing AVLIS and
      trying to keep the gaseous diffusion plants running than
      to devote time to a third major pursuit. Besides, I
      don't think USEC management is bright enough to handle
      everything at once.

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      • I can't even begin to count the number of totally
        impossible things which have become reality during my
        lifetime. One of them is nuclear power

        The description of knocking a proton out of the
        nucleus was given to me by an insider. He may have meant
        a neutron. That, three of them, of course, is what
        it would take to reduce U-238 to U-235. Perhaps he
        misspoke, perhaps I misunderstood. I'll inquire further.

        Your slap at management's intellect raises a lot of
        questions. Are you long? Short? Are you a disgruntled
        employee? Turned down for a job? How do you know management
        is not bright? What is your evidence? As with so
        many negative posts on these boards, your comment
        raises greater suspicions about you than about those you