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  • tommccauley31 tommccauley31 Dec 3, 2009 8:37 AM Flag

    value sentiment

    Many small companies fly beneath the radar
    and do not get analyst coverage. One must do
    their own research. I have followed Heska for
    many years and in my opinion it is very undevalued
    at this level. In a very tough economy HSKA seems
    to be doing positive things. A new website, a new
    business relationship with Roche, adding new
    salespeople, and sales initiatives through a rewards
    program. In my opinion, buying Heska at this level
    is like buying a buck for 50 cents.

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    • If this stock gets to $10 Ill be praising management to the heavens, but I predict it will be different management.

    • Cmon Doc. That wasn't my question.
      Its obvious that if the stock went
      to $10 a share you would still have
      a grudge against "Management".

    • I think that Heska MANAGEMENT is fully valued at .50!

    • Thanks for your reply. It is the right
      of every shareholder to voice complaints.
      I hope the exec's at Heska take time to
      notice? I am new to this board and obviously
      don't know the history or depth of angst that
      you, and others share. I didn't take offense
      at you calling me naive, and I apologise
      because I didn't know who I was responding
      to with all of the anonomyous handles.
      My mistake. I am not a frontrunner or a
      shill for anybody. That being said. I
      didn't want disagreement, to regress
      into personal attacks.
      Your opinions are sincere and honest and
      obviously shared by others.
      I am buoyed by the fact that this company
      has so many activist stakeholders who care.
      We all seem to want the same thing. We want
      Heska to do better than past performance.
      If I sound like a cheerleader who doesn't
      know what hes talking about. So be it.
      I believe Heska is a good value and only
      time will tell the tale.

    • I do not use alias either--thanks occdocc...our new poster here is obviously new and I agee also somewhat naive, even if he takes offense to that moniker...just have to look at the last few years at Heska and see what the future holds if management continues as is...why should anything change?? also wonder if this is poster is the return of rbpass, though rbpass in the past has been much more aggressive and volatile onthe attack

    • Thanks for the intro, doc.
      I am a retired printer who lives in
      northern Colorado.I have no association
      with anyone at Heska, but like to invest
      in companies in my backyard. I have been
      a stockholder since 2003. I don't use
      alias'either, and have never posted
      messages to this board before.
      Obviously,by the impassioned response,
      this old irishman has stirred the pot.
      I think divergent opinions are good.
      I am sure everyone who has visited this
      forum has learned something they didn't
      know before. As a doctor, and a long time
      stockholder, I appreciate your perspective
      but let me ask you this? Do think Heska
      is fully valued at .50?

    • .. and I am an ex-employee, so my observations are based on first hand experience.

      I apologise if you take offence to me having used the word naive. If you were to read the message boards over the past 5+ years you would see your entries time and again. Perhaps different words, perhaps different contributors, but same thoughts and sentiments. And you would see the same criticisms, complaints and calls for action from shareholders; the problem is that management hasn't taken much notice.

      I can put my hand on my heart and say that during my time I made a real positive difference to the performance of the company.

      I have no axe to grind, I am simply looking at this as a business, and at my investment (sic. loss).

      You wrote "I don't care whether Heska is a research company, or a value added reseller. I want the company to make money, and have future prospects for growth." And therein lays the issue. The vision was the former (R&D), the reality is the latter (reseller). And I say to you - you should care, you should care passionately - because it is exactly that thinking that has hamstrung the company for so many years.

      It is that lack of a clear focussed strategy that is at the root of problems the company has experienced.

      The unanswered question is not "What does Heska WANT to be when it grows up?" But "What CAN Heska be when it grows up?". Lots of kids want to be pilots, but the reality is that many don’t have the aptitude, so they have to modify their goal and settle for something less glamorous (but still in aerospace).

      I re-read some of your posts, and if you are who I think you might be then I want to take you back to a conversation we had at the start of this decade about this exact same issue. You defended the vision at that time, but time has moved on. If the business can settle on the right choice then it has the opportunity to create value; but that would mean admitting mistakes, and that takes courage.

      I don’t believe that my contributions would have a negative effect on the price. The volumes are generally so small that a few trades can push the price either way. Three things that would have the effect of kick-starting a run on the stock. More tangible talk of M&A, the announcement of a new product developed by Heska, or a significant change in the management team. Which one of these would be easiest for management to control?

      Why voice an opinion here? Because other, more direct channels, have failed in the past.

    • I am a retired physician and an 11 year shareholder in HSKA. I do not use aliases, but for all I know you might be our old friend RBPass who disappeared from the boards a while back. Or you might be a member of management. Hmmm....

    • Very good observations! I have read your
      posts to the message board in the past.
      You have been very educational to people
      who don't know veternary science, and the
      history of Heska's product lines.
      I am sure there are other suitors like WOOF
      who would be a good fit. Just the fact that
      shareholders are talking about a merger should
      send a message to Heska's mgmt. The natives
      in the jungle are getting impatient for change.
      You make a good point about outsourced testing
      labs that I had'nt considered. Lab Corp, Quest
      Diagnostics,and "Roche" are the giants in human
      testing. Maybe this is a direction that Heska
      is exploring for animals in the new relationship
      with Roche? In any case. It appears Heska is on
      tract to do some new things to enhance shareholder
      value. People are starting to notice. This is the
      highest 2 day volume since April when the stock
      nearly doubled in a few days.

    • As medical doctors outsourcing patients’ medical tests to clinical labs run by companies like Quest Diagnostics and Lab Corps. Vet doctors will also follow such paradigm in my opinion. Abbott Labs' I-STAT analyzer may not help abaxis getting vet market share in blood testing gears any more with this paradigm shift. In that sense, heska’s terminating I-STAT in the long run helps them to rebuild their sales focus on gears for vet labs. New installation of heska’s Drichem-7000 in vet labs is just beginning of their smart move.
      If some company is interested in acquiring HSKA, I bet it could be WOOF. Great synergy can be created by the merger IMO.

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