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  • tommccauley31 tommccauley31 Mar 18, 2013 9:40 AM Flag

    Subtraction by addition?

    The recent announcement of a new board member,
    Carol Wrenn, was masked by the fact that Heska
    has had other changes in its board of directors.
    Apparently Louise McCormick has resigned, and
    John Sassen passed away in February. Heska has
    put other board members down to alternate status,
    because they intend to resign in 2014.
    Instead of 8 board members. Heska will proceed
    with only 6 for 2013. HSKA , already challenged
    by corporate governance, is now reducing
    independent oversight. How wonderful!!!

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    • end of feb insider buy by carol and aylesworth...not a huge amount but something

    • Heska has separated the board of directors into
      three classifications. Class 1,2,&3.
      Presumably these classifications are weighted
      to voting power. Heska announced that there would
      be only 6 directors in 2013. Grieve presides over
      the board so he is counting himself as a director.
      Each classification has 2 people. The press release
      stated Peter Eio, and Sharon Riley would be class 2
      directors. We can assume chairman Aylesworth &
      Grieve, are Class 1. That leaves Irwin Gordon, and
      newcomer Carol Wrenn as class 3.
      I will not be surprized with the new configuration
      that Grieve will continue the monopoly moves to
      game the shareholders. This has been his pattern,
      and we should assume he is now figuring how to
      give himself another increase in compensation for 2013.

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