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  • wanzewurld46 wanzewurld46 Dec 8, 2010 8:55 AM Flag

    you guys suck

    This sounds like the best advice I've heard in quite a spell! I bought it back when it was $1.06, looked around for somebody to kick my butt for me, and had second thoughts enough to pick up 6,000 shares at $0.24 when I fell into some "found money" so I'm sitting on 6,960 shares with a total investment of about $2650 and holding on hoping for the best. I haven't looked to see what the moon phases were though. It's got to hit about $0.40 to break even including brokerage; it's a small percentage of my holdings though and could turn out to be a high-profit speculation; at the worse I'm out about $3,000 and that won't kill me!