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  • the_end_12122012 the_end_12122012 Dec 16, 2011 11:36 AM Flag

    Taking all of your investment

    I've never seen a company do this to the investors before. Never thought it would happen to me. Bought at 1.72 I'm totally screwed. Almost at Zero. This company produces nothing but lies.

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    • I did about the same, buying 960 shares at $1.24 but thought it would be a long shot that would prove profitable only if we got into an international situation that would make U.S. production valuable. I watched it nose-dive taking my modest investment of about $1,200 with it; then I looked at my original strategy and bought another 10,000 shares at $0.12, effectively doubling my investment. It was a gamble in the first case but a more attractive gamble in the second case. If there were a casino within 30 minutes of here, I'd probably have invested it there. I'm still up in the long run though. What's life without the occasional gamble? Think of the bragging rights IF... IF it ever makes it back to anywhere near a dollar!

    • Looks like some have face the reality of the situation. It is disappointing these Stock Printing Enterprises are allowed to continue.

      The Bolivia comments are on target. Anytime a mining operation is selling product to market under minimum market cost there is not chance for any competition. The problem is the largest consumer of the product (China) doesn't have any dumping enforcement so it screws everyone.

    • When I bought AMEL, and another lithium mining company, I understood that they were in the exploration phase. I'm holding for a few years, until production starts. Maybe I'm a sucker too. We'll see. Good luck to us all!

    • Looks like they going to pump the stock but not make the company worth more.. Sounds like pump and dump coming .Get ready to sell ....

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      • Sell to whom?
        Now I've got to try and find someone more gullible than I was; lotsa luck! I'm just going to hang on to it on the exceptionally lucky chance it's not as criminal as it appears to be. I wonder if they ever have stockholders meetings? Fortunately, I didn't put any more into it than I could afford to gamble away at a casino although I'd probably have done better at a casino; at least I'd have stopped for a good buffet meal which is not available with this bunch of scam artists!

    • I read one of the glossy publications that were sent out some time ago and it seemed to be a typical promotional effort from those who are in the business of selling stock rather than producing anything.

      Even a superficial analysis of lithium production would disclose huge easily produced quantities in Bolivia. With all that supply being available, why would anyone need to drill and explore in Nevada. The Bolivia supply is being produced at a loss even though it is very cheap to find and produce.

      If you ever receive a multi page flyer that is full of bold type and exclamation points, then just recycle it. Don't let them recycle your dollars into their pockets.

    • Same as NXWI