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  • morrisd997 morrisd997 Feb 24, 2014 11:16 AM Flag

    Easing of Banking Restrictions Don't Make any Difference to FITX Right Now

    Aside from keeping the MJ sector in the news and allowing companies to keep putting out press releases this easing of banking restrictions really doesn't make much of a difference for FITX. The reality is banks, at least the big ones, aren't about to open up their institutions to MJ until they have certain guarantees from the gov't regarding their protection against prosecution. If FITX continues to put out positive news regarding their business then they should be just fine, don't be swayed by any of the larger issues in the MJ sector, they don't matter right now. If you're looking for more opportunities check out the free mobile alerts from RisingBulls, just text "RUN" to 25827 and start receiving great info about under reported companies with massive potential for gains.

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    • Well FITX seems to continue to stay ahead of the game, especially by getting the first right of purchase of a pharmacy license in the State of Michigan. CEN Biotech is positioned to establish a gateway for distribution of naturally occurring pharmaceuticals in acknowledgement of Michigan Senate Bill 0660.

    • What about Canadian Banks have we seen any articles re lending for MJ? It does appear there is a problem since Fitx went to phot.

    • Look at the partners like PHOT and FSPM..... Banks can help customers with up front money to buy PHarmPods... If you don't know what one is you cant have an educated remark on not helping the sector!!!!! READ and post about ground breaking, revolutionary growing techniques from the partners that grow 4 lbs per plant............... control environments to get a 35 day growth cycle........... then add it up!!!!!!!! GrowLife and CEN Biotech Announce Collaboration on the World's Largest and Most Advanced Legal Cannabis Production Facility -the wall street journal

      Organic Growth International, LLC ("OGI"), its previously announced joint venture with CANX USA, LLC, has entered into a series of agreements with CEN Biotech, Inc., subject to the approval of the GrowLife Board of Directors. GrowLife currently has a 45% ownership interest in OGI, with conditions under which it can gain majority interest. "The scale of the planned operations is truly unprecedented for legal cannabis worldwide as the facility has been proposed and is under construction for a production capacity (4 buildings) of up to 1.3 million pounds of dried #$%$ annually. We are extremely pleased to participate in this tremendous revenue opportunity for GrowLife and its shareholders which we believe clearly installs GrowLife as one of the foremost cannabis related companies on an international level."
      "When we were provided with the opportunity to potentially provide these services in Canada our team realized that we needed the additional support and expertise of an elite cannabis company with the assets, technology, and intellectual capital to see our dream through to reality, " stated Bill Chaaban, President and CEO, CEN Biotech. "In GrowLife we have found that ideal partner."
      , PHOT's 45% interest in Organic Growth International ,- PHOT-("OGI") and its 25% interest in CEN Biotech gives PHOT exposure to CEN Biotech's MJ production facility (biggest in the world) - a facility whose capacity of 1.3 million pounds could generate up to $11.25 million in revenue annually for PHOT. Creative Edge Nutrition Inc announced CEN Biotech Inc. has entered into a definitive contract to utilize the M3Hub services from Endexx Corporation

      In addition to the production of MJ from OGI, PHOT will also receive 7.7% of all gross payments from licensing fees through OCI's 25% stake in CEN Biotech.

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      • i appreciate the response and the information as well, i'm not at all debating the impact that banks could have on the sector, i am simply stating that the easing of restrictions that banks have seen thus far aren't enough to entice them yet. they have said they want assurances that they won't be held negligible in several different scenarios and the gov't has remained adamant that they would, until that changes then, like i was saying (and its just my opinion), the easing of the restrictions won't matter

    • sinking below that 0.10 mark is crazy, could be a great opportunity to load back up because it will top that mark again soon

    • not a good day at all thus far, might be a minimal slide but falling below that 10 mark just hurts a little bit more than it should

    • Seems MJ's are still being beaten up!

    • Sure doesn't seem to be...

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