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  • westcoastbio westcoastbio Mar 6, 2014 8:09 PM Flag

    * (FITX) Heres my take on the license...


    I've traded FDA decision catalyst biotech stocks for years and I can rest assure (FITX) CEN Biotech will get licensed by Health Canada. Its not about if, its about when... I liquidated my entire portfolio over a month ago and bought as many shares as possible.

    This building is being built along side Health Canada's oversight and their specific requirements. Its not like CEN Biotech have this random 50 year old building and want it licensed. Health Canada asked Bill Chaban to retrofit the existing building to expedite the process and told him what he needed to do, and now CEN Biotech is insuring it's completed to all of Health Canada's requirements.

    This isn't a drug with numerous phases of testing along with an FDA review board.

    You all do know its going to be approved by Health Canada, right?

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    • I agree, the license seems like a sure thing, but when? It seems the building progress is creeeeeeeping along.

    • There are 11 days until the end of March -

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    • So this thread seems sane (relatively anyway). I also agree that there will in fact be a license issued but I am not sure of the Canadian bureaucratic turnaround time. What are the specific points of inspection (the building in its entirety, is it just external grounds and security)? Is there any documentation on the inspection date? Just seems like inspections would be made throughout the construction process (I would rather the plumbing runs in the floors were inspected before pouring cement as an example)
      It would make sense to have that first building (with the solar panels) licensed so FITX can prove the concept and workout any discovered issues……..but I doubt very highly there will be an official announcement anytime soon (they would get an unofficial nod from the inspector but would they be able to speak to that) and I hope Bill has a plan to counteract the bashing (not just here but in the media at large) that will result when April one rolls around (and there hasn’t been an award). Even receiving a letter of commitment from HC is going to take some time not to mention executing a contract (awesome Bill is a licensed Canadian lawyer).
      Ok here is an off topic question. So I have been trading for many years I know how the game is played. Realistically speaking where do you see the PPS in a year? Other companies that have very similar numbers share count, gross numbers ect…… are trading much higher….. Do you think FITX will hit their projected numbers? That is crazy money with very little debt…….. FITX seems too good to be true I won’t post what I think the PPS could reach for fear of being ostracized lol but that’s my fear……to good to be true….

    • how many shares do you have?

    • Since your own CEO states in a 420 interview "IF" we get approved then I really don't believe you can be so certain can you!

    • clintshearssafaris Mar 6, 2014 8:22 PM Flag

      Westcoast....u have more shares then a man should be allowed to own...your going to do just fine!...wish u the best!

    • I think we all know it will be, but we'll have to put up with those that will try to create doubt. As long as you don't sell you shares, you won't lose any!!!

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