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  • banker_19801980 banker_19801980 Mar 13, 2014 8:24 PM Flag

    New investor and worried!!!! Any thoughts

    Honestly, I have done some DD on this stock but recent post have made wonder if this is a scam. I bought this stock at .092 which seems way to high for me now. I came across FITX when I bought PHOT. I got in at PHOT at .25 and everyone knows how that going. Just seems that this company has created a lot of doubt and the restricted share structure is a little questionable. Im in to FITX for about 370K shares and im at about a 5K loss at this point. Just wondering if I should take the loss and move on to other investments or stay in for the LONG haul. and what is the real deal on the license? Once the fence is up is it approved or is there more hurdles to jump? Im not a basher , pumper, etc. I just want a good conversation about this stock

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    • This goes through the roof when they get the license. The upside is huge with just a little downside. Catalyst 1) acquired HEMP - grows, processes and sells its hemp directly to the consumer and for industrial processing. In addition, it is instrumental in hemp home building and building materials, hemp spirits and food, and hemp pharmaceutical and dietary supplements. 2) Business climate change- loans/financing 3) Game changing growing methods 4) Fastest growth Industry 5) huge profits and margins 6) New sciences and hybrids 7) PARTNERED RIGHT- (FITX) CEO-Chaaban realized that Growlife was the experts in the sale and infrastructure of Cannabis grow facilities and was also in the capital raising field through its GIFT program. A collaborative partnership was entered into with Growlife(PHOT) , created OGI with CANX and CEN, RXNB Inc. and CEN Biotech Inc. Two pioneers in the field of Medical cannabis had joined forces.(RXNB license patents for 4lbs-plant MJ) opportunity in new legalized products-PHOT & VAPE partnered as well as FSPM. 8) penny stock huge gains-trend 9) risk/reward history 10) ground floor before the IPO 11) unprecedented opportunity12) new legislation caught MM by surprise 13) technical’s 14) 80% margins 15) little supply huge demand for products 16) first step advantage 17)states embrace tax structure around pot -historical law changes and embrace the trend 18) Medical field adaptations 19) low cost medical needs 20) historical law changes and embrace the trend((( niche))) 21) established health drinks, establish performance 22) real company at the bottom 23) life changer for those in pain 24) treat significant diseases 25) new strains with or without the high 26) raw or processed 27) creating developments across the industries ((jobs)))) medical- science—minerals ---Hybrids --LED lighting --- containers ---consumption options--- Hypnotics ---28) whole industry of needs 29) support from president support of the Mayor (Ontario)& (Provincial Minister of Trade ) 29)supply demand model proves uptrend 30) changing developments state by state 31) great leadership team 32) great products 33) great business plan 33) expanding 34) proven successes 35) offers a broad spectrum of capsules, tablets, powders and up to 50 different strains 36) multiple distribution contracts 37) ingestion methods beyond smoking are helping to drive prosperity/interest 38) distribution to Australian market with over 500 stores and in the New Zealand 300 stores 39) This new gold rush sometimes is referred to as a "green rush," 40) cannabis market is exploding 40) best facility 41) FSPM container =20 plants X 4LBS (RXNB strain) 16oz X 350oz = almost ½ a million every 35 day growth cycle buy
      41) GrowLife and CEN Biotech Announce Collaboration on the World's Largest and Most Advanced Legal Cannabis Production Facility -the wall street journal
      42) SHORTS are FUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With the Acquisition of HEMP and a new partnership with (RXNB) +++++ ITS about giving FITX and RXNB access to pharmaceutical-grade cannabis, in uniformity of all parties engaged, patients, physicians, municipalities, the State of Michigan and the Federal government”. Stated CEO & President of RXNB Inc. Dr. Sam Alawieh, Pharm.D.
      RXNB Inc. currently practices patient-dispensing of medicine and has developed an infrastructure that allots Creative Edge Nutrition Inc. and its subsidiaries to solidify a presence in the pharmaceutical market place.
      43) PHOT SHARES AT .17 cents! -GrowLife has acquired a 25% equity position in CEN Biotech which is in addition to the ownership interest in certain licensing fees from CEN Biotech held through GrowLife’s joint venture partner, along with a shared right to revenue sharing of 7.7% of all gross payments received by CEN Biotech. In addition, GrowLife and its affiliates will serve as CEN Biotech’s exclusive supplier of legal cannabis growing equipment for the entire term of the shared ownership, subject to certain limitations. Furthermore, if and when CEN Biotech achieves cumulative manufacturing and sales volume of one million pounds of cannabis, OGI will be entitled to a $100 million payment. In exchange for the rights listed above, and others, GrowLife will issue to designated CEN Biotech shareholders a total of 235,294,118 shares of restricted GrowLife common stock, the equivalent of $40 million at $0.17 per share, after CEN Biotech is formally approved to produce and harvest cannabis by the appropriate Canadian authorities.

    • SELL, and then you can fk off, AH!!! good ridance whining AH... they think they buy they have to go up right away.. LOL!! Stupid AH!!!

    • if you are worried than just leave, this company is so transparent and have so much going on right now there shouldn't be any worries at all. The only worry you should have is if there will be another dip to buy more if the you have the funds available.

    • Regardless of anyones opinion on the stock, good or bad, you should never invest more than you're comfortable losing - especially in a penny stock. I had way to many shares for my comfort level of FITX. I sold some for a small gain and am now comfortable riding this roller coaster with what I have left. Sounds like you are in the same boat. Dump half the shares so you dont lose your shirt in a worst case scenario and keep 100,000 shares for if/when it blows up big

    • Don't worry. Just check back in a couple of years and see what the price is.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • So you spent 34k on a penny stock and cause it went down you are scared? LOL Get the F outa deserve to lose and don't believe you anyway,

    • clintshearssafaris Mar 13, 2014 9:01 PM Flag

      Banker...heres a michigan #$%$ growers take at why this has so much doubt....because no one in the world has ever been able to even think about selling marijuana straight up let alone get a license to sell world wide....its been against the law in over 200 plus countries bro all your life and your great great grand yeah its totally off the charts what there shooting for your PHOT take not a numbers guy either....straight off main street keeping it real...if I was going to play the marijuana stocks because thats the sector right we all agree...right?...well I would make dam sure I had at least one stock that sold the real the green sht people smoke....HINT HINT...LOL....check your phot stock and tell me what there selling to make money in the MARIJUANA....AGAIN MARIJUANA INDUSTRY?....your missing somthing there that kinda gos with the whole marijuana industry theme thats the real way moneys made in this industry....I WILL LET U GUESS WHAT THAT IS...BUT WHEN FITX FINISHES THE 1ST BUILDING AND STARTS SELLING....THEN WE WILL HAVE A REAL POT STOCK....WE HAVEN'T SEEN ONE YET...OR ATLEAST TO MY STANDARD'S. ..GOOD LUCK MAN!

    • OK I'll bite.. first thing you should never do is ask for advice in here. You're going to get every pumper in here telling why you should stay....... pay attention to that, why are they doing that?? You should do what YOU and only you feel is best. I personally think it's got another run before the dump and I'll be leaving then but today a lot of public relations problems with shareholders so who really knows at this point. I think the one guy running FB is screwing the whole plan up and it may fold prematurely but I doubt that will happen since all the insiders most likely haven't gotten out yet. I'm gambling for free and you have real money so play your gut, it's usually right.

    • read my "screw this" post...BUT I will say this...don't sell until at least Tuesday or even Wednesday. short selling is no longer allowed as of end of business tomorrow but they have 3 days to implement the SEC law

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