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  • smd3131 smd3131 Mar 19, 2014 11:45 AM Flag

    Question About the Site

    I don't own FITX yet, but I want to. I do own PHOT. I have a question about the site they are building. Does FITX own the land, and what allows them to build this site without the license? Are they taking a gamble? Is getting the license a slam dunk? Also, FITX is an American company right? Will Canada have a problem giving a license to an outside company? I hope to get some legitimate responses...

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    • A lot of positive news to come in the next 4-6 weeks with the license and growing. The license is not a guarantee but what is a guarantee now a days? However, they got the ready to build permit from HC and HC has been in close contact with Bill to see his progress and told Bill to give them a 2 weeks notice so they can come inspect the building. So by the looks of it, it looks like HC will issue the license with no problems as long as they have everything in order. I have been in this company since .006 and am still holding. I also made a nice profit with LATF and just sold half my position and have another current buy order in for another 150,000 shares of FITX. I am very confident this will get a license and make a lot of money.

    • Hey SMD, Here is a response to most of your question. FITX, I do not believe they own the land, however; they have an agreement in place for a certain amount of Windsor residents to be employed by the company. The mayor and the Town want CentBio there for lucrative purposes. Yes, they are allow to build on the land because they where granted a permitted to build by Health Care Canada provide it is built to the proper specification laid out by the Health Care Canada. Which takes us to licenses. Provided that the building (after built, meet the requirements of Health Care Canada, then FITX will be granted a License to Grow. Now All be, the build is being built from the ground up to make sure the company meets/exceeds the requirements laid out before them, the License is not a "slam dunk" which is why the shares are so low right now. But if you read between the lines, with all the past history of make sure everything is build to code they will be getting the license. Inspection will be around the 2nd week of April i believe after they build the fence and then put the "Vault" in for extra security measure. Yes this is an American Company out of MI, but for legal and other purpose they built the facility in Canada. Long story short this basically comes down to if you really feel this building is being built and will get licenes or you think this is a bunch a fluffy. Like every Pinksheet and microcap stock it's a chance and if you willing to risk big to be rewarded handsomely. I'm all in FYI. This Opportunity itself out weighs the risk. But the choice is yours. Happy Hunting.

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    • It is my understanding that they are leasing the land for $25,000 a month

    • They do own the land, building is a calculated risk but I am sure they have a reasonable expectation of getting a license, they are a US company based in Michigan

    • smd join investorhangoutDOTcom on FITX board you get true answers here it's full of two face posters.

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