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  • helmutloeffler helmutloeffler Mar 26, 2014 10:31 AM Flag

    1.2 to 20 billion by 2020!!!

    Put your money down and you will be (could be) rich with just 100,000 shares of the right stock.. YES! Millionaire is a great possibility. WHY!! You are here.. Spread it around if you don't have a lot of money or if you do. Risk is not a question if you diversify. JUST NEVER SELL POY of GOLD stock.. Small gains pay texes miss the boat. Everything happens fast. Do not be the WOULD have COULD , SHOULD have. FITX, is a HAVE stock . BEHEMOTH, grower, but finger in many things... Conglomerate in furure. THE BUYOUT CANDIDATE, in the future... Big Pharma, buy FITX, out of petty cash.. Once they have license and go... We are looking at 5 billion company at the least. 15000%: THAT IS for starters... HMMM! LOL!! WOULD, COULD, SHOULD HAVE... JUST TOO MUCH UP SIDE TO WAIVER!!!

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    • FITX AND LATF are and will create multi-millionaires for the smart ones who load up now and hold!
      Both of these stocks have so much potential its insane!

    • better smoke another one Bud .

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      • LOL,,, i'm long the stock and that paragraph just pumped me up!!

        i have 509,000 shares and I'm going for gold!!

        If I lose I lose... but millionaires took the same risk somewhere down the road.

        I reside in Va but one of my friends is close to someone high up in FED EX. That person (FED EX) had a chance to invest 10K into Kevin Plank's shirt business out of the trunk of his car.

        Of course at the time this person didn't have the VISION and COURAGE to do it, so he passed up.

        Now look at Under Armour today!!!

        Kevin Plank is such a good guy that he helped his fed ex guy get the contract with Under Armour for deliveries.

        Everyday i'm sure he wakes up and says could've, should've, lol.....


      • You know it. I know it. We know it. If you had some money to put on one stock. My bet would be FITX.. I own 13 and sold EAPH (no management trust) (iffy ? news releases) and bought another the same second. Diversified but my bet is on FITX. This is my best possible perception of achieving greatness. A++ rating in becoming a real BEHEMOTH!!! NEVER SELL ANY POT of GOLD stock.. We do not know the winners; guess and hope we get the right ones. LOL!!!

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