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  • rationalranger rationalranger May 1, 2014 12:20 PM Flag

    "Privateequityguru", if you are an insider or group of insiders

    you are setting yourself up for a major lawsuit if the pps doesn't perform like you say it will, especially if you are simultaneously dumping shares while you pump.

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    • Althought irationalbanger, horsescornasss, and others are really getting fearful they have been wrong about that FITX is proving to be a legitimate company making very strategic investments to be the largest legal MJ grower and distributor in the world....we want to make this statement very clear:

      privateequityguru is only investing in FITX based on it's very strong potential to execute the plan it has conveyed within the context of one of the newest and fastest growing new business and medical industries in the world...further, privateequityguru has never had any direct communication with any employee, management, Board Member, or contractor of FITX.

      Stop your conspiricy is the facts, fundementals, and upside potential you need to fear.

      As for all of our financial and stock price models......they are ours alone....shared here for discussion purposes.....and, each state it is our opinion and that all investors should do their own and decide for themselves.

      Now.....grow up..........

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    • horsesandcorn May 1, 2014 12:46 PM Flag

      Make no mistake, many of the pumpers here who post on this board and several other boards are paid pumpers. Randy Hamdan of HH Group has been paid by Bill a total over 7 million dollars to run promotion.
      And now you have the new promo company on the scene too ...along with many new pumping ID's.

    • There's a better chance than not that he's either Randy Hamdan . . . Bill . . . or one of their pumping goons. This isn't some incredible awakening like FITX sheep would believe . . . FITX is surrounded by notorious pump and dump schemers. And take a wild guess what pumpers with a history do when a new OTC stock comes to town and they're sitting at the helm?

    • He's entitled to his opinion. I agree with him.

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