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  • pd702 pd702 Jun 25, 2014 5:25 PM Flag

    Name a good price

    until we get the license, the price is not that relevant. if it goes to 2 cents or 50 cents. once the license is granted it will seek its true level ( I believe initially it would go to .25 or fifty cents ) after that, production will dictate......I think where pretty close to a bottom with no license, but we will see...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I see the pps around .50 once the license is granted and maybe a high of about 2.50 in about 2 years with fundamentals. But, that could change if FITX IPO's CEN Bio with something creative.

    • good post actually but consider this.....from jan 6 2011 to jan 6 2014...the stock was .01 or below. 3 years. chaaban started making news releases after news releases and the stock went up on what??? his nonsense, at which time he sold quite a few shares didn't he? The only information that has made this stock any higher than the 3 years when it hovered at .01 is mostly from hype good ole Bill lied about consistently. It sure was not earnings or revenue. when it was at .01, did everyone buy at that time having no clue a license would be needed to grow MMJ as this stock was all about all along???? the license was priced in at .01 a long time ago. now since good ole Bill has his dobber stuck in the door about his untruths, what should the price go...hmmmmmm back to where it was. post license and local approval without any pending legal action the company will still need the money to buy all the equipment and other start up costs.......which they simply must not have at this time other than small investors that are shown on their key statics page that are major holders (small amounts noted there since march 2014) and the hopes of future stock buys. they hurried the announcement that PHOT was in with financing but now is sketchy on claiming "3rd party investors" this stock is no better off than where it was for last 3 years unless they actually START growing and START making money. even then its a long road before they improve on their of luck

    • Market in Canada is small at the present time plus completion will be fierce for a small market share. I think Longs are deluding themselves if they think FITX is a slam dunk

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