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  • con_law_misery con_law_misery Aug 18, 2010 12:11 PM Flag


    What price are you waiting for to buy more? I am in pretty heavy at about 5.23 cost right now. I'm thinking wait until Friday to see how the market responds to the earning release.

    I continue to believe this will be back to $10 within about a year. Do you think this is reasonable? I base this on the $1.40 EPS estimate from Deutsche and a low 7 p/e to discount for risk. Plus, hopefully a token buyback to support the stock.

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    • PARTED!

    • Dunno...steady, slow and a slider.

    • Just going to sit and wait... patient as a turtle.... steady and slow... We have to go back to move forward.

      Maybe another week or so... MAybe the start of October... Super 8-ball will tell me when to purchase.

    • Still waiting to buy more.... 1 - 2 more weeks... We should hit bottom, or confirmation of one, by then.

      Yes - my super 8-ball and my rabbit's foot are all in agreement on this... Just wait.

    • Still holding off from buying more... Everyday I have my finger on the trigger but it keeps going lower. Not a single sign of strength in this stock - only weakness.

      Based on my charts, short term upside potential is down to 7.60 and decreases every day.

      On the bright side, if we can stop the downward spiral (soon) and go sideways at least, my charts are telling me to buy -- we should hit the bottom or test the bottom then.

      Yes - my super 8-ball and my rabbit's foot are all in agreement. Buy at 3.50-ish the second week in September.

      See you then or lower..

      I've been coo-coo for COCO since watching it at $10, and just get coo-coo-er...

      By the way- if you're worried you might miss the BIG runup in COCO, don't forget, the SPX is going to 1010 shortly, and then 825. So this shouldn't go anywhere until then..

    • Yep, it really is a tough one to make. I don't know how S&P came up with 1.50 for year ending June 2012. Obviously that won't happen at this point. It still seems though that they can survive these cuts, bring expenses in line a little better, and be profitable. Maybe at some point they can sell some of their real estate if need be.

      Would be interesting to talk to the guy who wrote the seeking alpha piece. he seemed very confident that even if the company got shut down completely by 2014 they would have something like $15 in cash from 4 years of operations. Can we trust management not to reward themselves at our expense if this is the case?

      If they don't start buying back shares really soon I will take that as a sign that we're screwed. Book value is nearly 8 bucks a share, although a lot of it is goodwill.

      Anyway, we've got 132 calendar days left in 2010. During that time, if COCO goes under 3, it's killself time. If COCO fails to hit 6, the same is true. Makes things interesting, I've got the ultimate skin in the game now since my very survival depends on this.

    • The biggest downer to the call is that they were unable to provide clarity on where they'd come on financially based on the elimination of ATB's, title 4 funding at 3 campuses, and Phoenix shutdown.

      Its a tough calculation to make - but, I suspect, incorporating all 3 events, you'd still see positive earnings.

      And that assumes they are unable to mitigate the problems in any way.

    • YES, I will be selling at $6.50 tomorrow

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      • Well - looks like we continue the slide down as I've indicated. There has been zero signs of strength, and no base formed, to move this higher.

        While I believe this is well well well oversold, I will continue to wait to add to my position until I see a sign of strength.

        Even more so now that I see what the issue is with this. The big players cared nothing about the eps or revenue. This time, it was pure guidance. And so much was negative. Heck - they may lose accreditation at their Everest College Pheonix! That's big...

        The majority of their campuses may exceed federal limits for defaults!!???!? That's nuts...

        "We expect the higher two-year rates for the 2009 cohort to translate into elevated three-year rates for the same cohort. We thus expect a majority of our OPEIDs to exceed the 30% threshold under the three-year measurement for the 2009 cohort. Schools cannot be sanctioned under the three-year measurement methodology until 2014 (the year the 2011 cohort data will be final) on either the 30% or 40% thresholds, and we will aggressively pursue default mitigation efforts between now and then."

        "To help reduce cohort default rates for the 2010 cohort and beyond, and to improve student outcomes, in fiscal 2010 we began to reduce enrollments of students who lack a high school diploma or equivalent. These students attend our schools under the federal Ability to Benefit (ATB) program. At the end of fiscal 2010, ATB students represented 15% of our total student population, down from 24% at the same point in the prior year. "

    • Who in hell is holding stocks for a year??? If I did, my portfolio would be in the red and not in the black. One day to 2 weeks MAX!

    • What about this Howard investigation?
      I don't like nasty surprises. If there's anything to it, we have a problem.
      If shareholders are hiring a lawfirm, i would like to know why.

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