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  • con_law_misery con_law_misery Aug 20, 2010 10:08 AM Flag

    must hit 6 by year end 2010

    Or I will kill myself. It's a win-win for all. Please lord let this stock start going up ASAP.

    Deutsche Bank 1.40 EPS estimate. Company may never make 2.00 in a year again but if they right the ship and are making 1.00 a share consistently we should be OK. Look at the long term chart, there have been many panics and rebounds over the years, although this is the most brutal one.

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    • this stock will be beaten down for at least 6 months. They will regroup and post strong numbers for profits and enrollment. The day you kill yourself will be the day we double our PPS.

    • con_law,

      Why on earth are you contemplating putting 100% of your net worth in a single stock? Don't you realize how unnecessarily risky that is? It sounds like the mistake you're making is trying to "win back" your losses since 2007. The pain caused by financial loss is causing you to act irrationally. Try to keep this in mind: previous losses do not have any effect on future investment performance. You'll make the most rational future investment decisions if you can forget about any past losses (or gains) and make any buy/sell decisions solely on the basis of expected future returns.

    • :D.

      The problem is I buy in too fast. I already am more than 55% in at 5.09 cost. So if it hits 3, I can get my average down to about 4 but I would still need 33% gain to get out.

      I agree, stop losses are a disaster. I didn't realize that they just run the price down to take them out. I have had a couple stocks trading at say, 10 bucks or so, with a stop at 9.25, and they run it down, take out my stop, and then it goes back to 10 in literally seconds. Seems like this is illegal but it happens over and over again.

      Right now my big focus is on forgetting about being 54% down because the simple truth is, I will never make all those losses back. Or if I do, it will take many many years and it's too discouraging. Now I'm just trying to have a single profitable day, then week, then month.

    • Conlaw, you make a lot of good points. No reason why you can't make money in the market.

      I think you've been making a mistake using stop-losses. I would never use a stop-loss on a company like this with a great earnings history.

      If it goes down to $3.00 or any quick drop from here, you want to be buying, not selling.

      Let's get you on the right track, starting with COCO.

      Besides I like sayin' GO COCO.

    • You too Biff. Although .60 is more than a few cents for a 4 dollar stock!

      I can't help but wonder why the administration thinks this is a good time to attack schools for default problems in the worst job market since the 1930s. I guess the same reason why they tried unsuccessfully to ruin the GOM drillers.

      Sorry for the political rant. Just hate to see this happening, and not only because it's costing me money. I largely blame Obama for employers' reluctance to hire.

    • Con law you are only down a few cents. Take it easy. This company will be fine.

      I bought some shares after hours last night, myself.

      Can't wait to see what happens.

      Have a good weekend.


    • Hank, I already have 55% in at 5.09 cost. I am putting the rest in next week if it goes down more. If it doesn't go down, I will hold off.

      5.09 seems incredibly far away right now. The lowest I could get my average at current prices is about 4.88 or so. My hope is for a short covering bounce at some point in the next few months to take us to 6.

      But I must say it just blows to have gotten slammed like this. Guess I should have known better, but I thought the 75% drop had already priced the bad news in.

    • Its gonna be frustrating with COCO for a bit - its a daytrading vehicle now.

      Just went long - 5,000 shares at $4.56

      They aren't going under. The gov't won't take drastic measures - they don't want to shut down trade schools while unemployment is sky-high.

      They are just rightfully questioning the high default rates.

      COCO may not perform as well, earnings wise, going forward, due to tighter restrictions on enrollment, but they won't lose money. Earnings could drop 50%, and the stock would still be cheap.

      • 1 Reply to cubemeister2001
      • no more short term trading for me cube. At down 54% since 2007 it clearly isn't working for me. I am now mentally and emotionally prepared to lose the rest. By Wednesday of next week I will be 100% all in COCO with a sell order at 6 and a stop at 3. I will then walk away for a while and see what happens.

        I can honestly say I hate the stock market with a blinding passion and wish I had never heard of it. It's time to try to rebuild my life without caring about money, or losing to the market. It's just not worth the misery and as a good friend recently said: "Did you have to worry about where you were going to sleep tonight? No? Then you're better off than 80% of the world's population."

        Having said that I still think this company will be around down the road with diminished, but strong, earnings.

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