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  • kmcmahon38 kmcmahon38 Aug 30, 2010 3:24 PM Flag

    My Strategy for Trading COCO...

    I am long with a cost basis of $4.85 per share...

    I plan on using a 10% trailing stop (fully don't expect it to get hit), and if stopped out, re-entering when stock recovers to high price before decline...

    (example: 5.50 I get stopped at 5.00, I reenter at 5.51 and restart process)...

    Comments/improvements on my strategy?

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    • my strategy was buy it low at 4.50 and sell high at 5.21..and get the hell out...hahahaha

    • If you're confident in the company's prospects another possibility is, rather than using a trailing stop, buy puts to protect against a large drop in share price. If your put strike is roughly 10% below your purchase price a couple of things can happen...

      If PPS drops, you can sell the put for a profit and still hold onto your shares. In effect, this reduces your cost per share by the amount of profit on the put.

      If PPS goes up or stays steady, you've increased your cost per share by the amount you paid for the put. You reduce your profit but think of it as buying insurance you didn't use. If you wish, you can sell covered calls and use that premium to pay for the put. You run the risk of having the shares called away from you but you can buy back the calls or buy more shares if you want.

    • one of the dumbest things I have ever read.

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      • No one can say you're wrong about the first point, but then again, no one can say you're right either. I was long RJET with a cost basis of $6/sh, when it plummetted 20% to 4.8. I held firm. I sold out at $7 for a nice 16% gain in a couple of months. Had I sold at a 10% drop ($5.4), then rebought at $6.01, I would have made a mere 6% profit.

        Then again, if I was stopped out at $5.4, then rebought at $5 or so, I would have made over 20% profit. Or, I could have been stopped out at $5.4 INSTEAD of holding, seen the stock continue sliding, and walked away with a 10% loss instead of waded in a 50% loss situation with dead money for years to come.

        Bottom line is there is no winning "formula". If you think this company is solid, and the whole DOE thing is a bump in the road, just buy and hold. But the dips too. On the other hand, if you think the risk of cutting off federal dollars is too significant, and potentially crippling, stay away (check out today's Seeking Alpha article with that point being stated). It's really as simple as that.

        There's no such thing as easy money. Do your homework, be patient, and work on sound logic, instead of hype and all that "trend is you friend" crap.

      • Why is that?

    • One day it may open a huge gap

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