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  • samchedu1 samchedu1 Apr 15, 2011 5:41 PM Flag

    criminal short cartel win with options

    again....when is the bs going to stop. recycled bad news. steal money from hard working investors. I will continue long but will not buy options again. still own 50 may 5 calls and about 14 thousand shares that will stay in my portafolio for a long time.

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    • A typo is a mis-typing, like forgetting a letter in a word. That was another dumb mistake. And what part of this was a typo?

      "The Company itself (i.e. COCO management) provided guidance to analysts at 43 cents per share earnings in 2012 with 8% growth thereafter."

      That is one lonnng typo! LOL You typed "The Company itself (i.e. COCO management) provides guidance to analysts" instead of "The average analyst estimate is". Gosh I hate it when my fingers slip like that too.

    • LOL at myself on this one. I should have said "product of the probabilities". I said "sum of the probabilities. And a good catch by the other poster to catch the error in semantics.

      Notwithstanding a semantic typo does not invalidate the logic.

      To your point, even 21st grade people make typos. Typos and complete gaffes in reading and comprehension are a little different. With about another 10 grade levels behind you, you will begin to appreciate this fact.

      Keep laughing. I am on the floor. At least we have a sense of humor, even if at times, some of us lack intelligence and lose a lot of money on stocks.

    • LOL davenport, I'm glad you're a good sport.

      btw multiplication produces a product, not a sum. You learn that in second grade as well. Ouch! Or did we "misread" that post too?

    • Good luck to you on the 3rd grade. Hope it goes better than the 2nd.

    • The COCO messageboard thanks you for the amusement. To prevent future embarrassing smack-downs, get your 'facts' straight. Cheers!

    • And re; point 1, default rates, I stated and the reference I provided stated and I further restated (that's 3 times stating the same thing!) that the FPE companies DISPUTE the validity of the Government data. If you can't read and comprehend this after three references, you really seriously need a 2nd grade (Ok I did say 6th grade before - I am downgrading your comprehension skills) reading course. Maybe COCO offers one for adults.

    • OK I am smiling. A reading class will really help you. I can not emphasize this enough. You continue to misread. Let's correct the disparities.

      1. You posted 3-year default rates. I posted the Government's repayment rates = implied long-term default rates. Did you notice that there was no date associations with the Government's data.

      2. Washington, DC specific? NO. The Washington post published local area schools as a comparison, BIUT the data and the article discussed NATIONAL default repayment rates. If you had gone to the spreadsheet, you would have seen the complete national data the Government published. Sorry but failures of omission (TO READ) do not excuse this stupidity.

      3. Everyone knows that the analysts take their estimate views from company guidance, regardless of what is published or stated publicly. We don't even need to start this topic This is Finance Remedial to the max!

      Sorry dude. This is the end of this stupid discussion! I won't repost in response to your brain dead insulting posts. YOU DON"T READ OR HAVE BASIC COMPREHENSION SKILLS. It is not worth the time.

    • Smile davenport. The board is enjoying this. Time for the final b#tch-slapping, ya jacka-- You posted:

      "THE COMPANY itself (i.e. COCO MANAGEMENT) provided guidance to analysts at 43 cents per share earnings in 2012."

      $.43 is an average of analyst estimates. Do you know the difference between analyst estimates and company guidance? The company does not guide past 1 quarter. To be helpful, in the link I provided you can see COCO management is guiding $.20-.22 for next quarter. Slap!

      Another slap coming:

      "Over 50% of FPE sutdents [sic] default on loans."

      What you cited were default rates for some INDIVIDUAL SCHOOLS, in the WASHINGTON DC area. Did you even read the article you posted? LOL The national default rate is actually 24.9%. See link:

      Final kick in the pants: COCO's average CDR is lower than the national average. Re-read the link in my previous post.

      Oh that was fun. And you just keep on coming back for more. Do you want to now claim you didn't mean what you posted? Do you want to jump straight into denial? LOL Thanks for playing

    • See my prior posts on ad hominem arguments.

    • you eating your bugars in your moms baement again, lol

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