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  • davenport_mba davenport_mba Oct 19, 2012 7:59 PM Flag


    Sure, Romney to the rescue. Republicans are big are corporate welfare, Government trickledown economics, and wasteful spending. And they love debt and budget deficits even more.

    Running to Romney will prove to be like running from a poodle only to run into a lion.

    Oh and capitalism? Asymetrical capitalism at best. This is Government trickle down economics at best, with the Government funding 90% of the tuition, the very thing Romney has criticized most.

    Wake up and smell reality. Yours stinks like the pile it is.

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    • New Rasmussen poll update today, Oct 20 of 11 swing states. The states collectively hold 146 Electoral College votes and include Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. In those 11 swing states, Mitt Romney now holds 50% of the combined vote vs Obama’s 46%. In 2008, Obama won those states by a wide margin of 53% to 46%, virtually identical to his national margin. This marks the first time that Romney has hit the 50% mark in the combined swing states in the Rasmussen poll. Obama reached the 50% mark again last Wednesday, but Romney bounced back as responses since Tuesday’s presidential debate entered the mix. Because this survey is conducted on a rolling seven-day basis, just over half the responses in today’s update still come from before that debate. Thus, Obama really lost the second debate according to this updated poll inspite of most news rumors that say he won, and Romney should pick up even more votes from the second debate before Monday's debate. I have said before that I thought that the second debate was more or less a tie, but it now looks like it hurt Obama If Monday's debate goes well for Romney, expect an even greater increase in the margin for Romney next week.

      Whether you like it or not, Romney will be our next president, and Romney is for for-profit education. As for the funding of that education, if I have to pay tax dollars for it, I want the students to have the choice to pick their school and degree. I don't want Obama picking it for them. Socialism limits personal freedom. So shorts you had better get your act in gear, and cover.

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