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  • bejupete bejupete Apr 2, 2013 2:08 PM Flag


    The so called Colleges run by Corinthian, accept anyone who can walk into them and at least speak one sentence that may make sense.
    These schools are nothing but fronts for the use of Government funding, that accept the bottom of the bottom.

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    • That sure is a broad and completely ignorant comment you made. Like it or not, If you read the statistics on the industry, tens of thousands of students have found jobs for which they were trained for from a for profit school. Where else would they get this training? Where would companies hire the talent? This is a huge unmet need which has been very well documented.

      The targeted demographic would not be going to school otherwise. There are no other viable options. If you want to target education as an issue, target community colleges and state schools.

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      • Chadwiner:

        You talk in general theory. Theoretically, you are right. But the pragmatic reality is not that reality. FPE student outcomes fall into three categories:

        1. Students not fit for education. Most enroll as an extension of welfare, and drop out within the first year. No benefit except to the School for tuition. AS such, a good deal for FPE at society's expense. Outcome = wasted taxpayer money.

        2. Students who are trained but not fit for jobs. They receive credentials that employers don't recognize or training insufficient to compete for jobs. Outcome = wasted taxpayer money.

        3. Students who are well trained and get jobs. The first issue here is that this is the minority group. The second issue is that even if you are one of the few in the category, you may still have a problem. Wyotech trains for lube and oil car maintenance. That's a $10/hr. job. If you take on $10,000 in debt to get certified, how can you pay it back at that wage?

        Your company, COCO, is against a regulatory standard of 35% debt repayment by students. Research this. There is a reason why COCO is so negative about its own student outcomes.

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