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  • dogtickpara11 dogtickpara11 May 2, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    The Powers that Be.

    The stock market powers that be will see to it that no one makes money on this COCO.The powers that be know that COCO is a $7.00 stock,and they will bring it up in time after all the stupid shorts that tend to hold on to long are set in the their trap:and after any impatient long has long gone.Then when you all least expect it COCO goes to were those powers that be see fit...

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    • Wow! Who are these "powers that be?" Sounds like their sole interest is to scam you personally, even more than COCO management already is. Do you hear little voices in your head giving you this privy information? Sometimes I do too, but usually I try not to tell other people.

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      • Who are the stock market powers that be?Those who made money when COCO was shorted from ten down to two;or the shorts that made money on COCO on the way down,and will make money on COCO when it goes back up..Not the wacko,emotional,agenda driven,company hating,blinded shorts that hang on to long,and are caught in the trap.Dogtickpara has little voice:which he calls his intuition.It makes me money,unlike my emotions.Keep shorting davenport..

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