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  • davenport_mba davenport_mba May 2, 2013 12:36 PM Flag

    ON GS, WELLS, WP, Panetta et al

    First, choose one. Who has better information about COCO: Bankers or Insiders? Bankers bought the same shares insiders sold. Oh you might not see the data on insider trading reports. So if you believe that those same insiders did not trade in other account names or tip off their friends and relatives to make insider information trades which don't appear in insider trading reports, I've got some waterfront property in Saudi you really need to buy.

    Second, COCO has stated that its number one priority is to clean up its act with a focus on student outcomes. So they naturally would be looking to put top education specialists on the board right? Apparently they prefer to put high profile lobbiests at great expense to shareholders to keep up the APPEARANCE of legitimacy to obtain further Government concessions in the interest of keeping the scam as is. Does this a million other Management inconsistencies, self-serving actions, self dealing, lies and deception make you wonder about the honesty and integrity of the information they are giving you? If it does not, please forward your credit card number directly to me, and I'll take care of all of your financial needs as a free to you service.