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  • dogtickpara11 dogtickpara11 May 3, 2013 1:25 PM Flag

    COCO Flock

    30%shorts:blinded carcass eagle,,turkey vulture,,buzzard bird,,scavenger shorts,,smart money shorts gone by now.Shorts that remain headless chickens.

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    • Agree they are headless chickens, but it still #$%$ me off.... last minute today, low volume, and someone pushed down the price!

      COCO is an investment story, the short is manipulating it instead. Well it does not really matter long terms, but it wipes out the weak investors along the way. in other words, many got out manipulated, cheated.

      This is about education business, it is a good business. graduates can not find job is not the college's fault, it is the out sourcing, globalization, shrinking economy etc. This is not like investing in a GUN maker or something.

      Anyone understands how the 3 name brand colleges work at COCO, it is doing a great services to the community! It is still a money making business, and will soon be making more. The negative sentiment is now at its bottom. We do not have big debt, we have lots of hard equity.... damned, $1.91 !!!

      "IF" Some few institutions like WFC, owning up to the investment, has resources to squeeze the shorts out will really make my day. The stock should trade around $10 until it starts making money in the future to go up further, or go lower if it loss money. It really does not deserve $2. We are in the break even point!

      50% capacity in average, for their campus. So, this is like the Hotel business. Hotel at 45% occupancy usually is a break even point (depends on a lot of parameters of course). So $35% occupancy will kill the hotel, and 55% will make good money. 75% like those hey days, Hotel makes tons of money. Because mostly are fix cost for a hotel.... I assume colleges can be similar because of the campus operating cost. Teachers can be a variable, so it is not entirely as risky as hotel.

      Since non-ATB students (majority) is to increase 7-9% as said, so we will have good quarters ahead. This is the bottom as said in the conf, and I agree. Times will tell.

      Sentiment: Hold

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