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  • longtimefollower longtimefollower Jan 1, 2014 11:29 AM Flag

    I've been loading up like crazy here over the last several weeks.

    I now own nearly 1.5% of the company.

    I figure a January "bounce" to $2.50 or so seems like a high probability. (That's a 40% gain from current prices.) Meanwhile, the risk of any near term liquidity issues seems virtually nonexistent.

    Heals represents important downside protection for COCO holders; in a worst case scenario, they could SELL IT...and have a fortresslike balance sheet, at that point. Then they could buy back a ton of stock.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Fast forward 1 quarter later since you "loaded up." How much money have you lost? In retrospect, why did you think a bounce to $2.50 was a high probability? Why were you so wrong?

      You are number 10,000 to have done this kind of stupidity, so you are not alone. In fact, you have done it many times with this same stock. Why are you and so many others repeating the same mistakes over and over and over? I don't get it.

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      • My average cost is $1.75. I'm not crying. Money has not been "lost" yet. I have a lot more fortitude than you do, and am not easily "broken," emotionally, as you are. Especially when i know what i own.

        You might consider how you corruptly use people on these boards to puff yourself up. Or not. Your overall presence, and modus operandi, is definitively unseemly.

    • It looks like to first "sell off" shock wave has hit the S&P and is reflecting here in GOOG. Put your seat belts on! look up underground stock alerts on google, a lot of success with this site - made $50k on their PLUG alert.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Coffee with +87.67% gain in the last 90 days. look up underground stock alerts on google, a lot of success with this site - made $50k on their PLUG alert

    • Not sure if your bullish point of view is entirely credible. From your Jan 1 post and through the first 2 weeks of the year, there's a V formation on the chart. I felt the drop in the market from last Wednesday would provide a buying opportunity in stocks that had suffered throughout 2013. I had owned COCO years ago. When I saw it's PPS on the CNBC crawl yesterday it made my watch list. A quick look at the fundamentals and I decided to go long. Following up with a look charts, this appears to be quite the opportunity.
      Briefly and mentioning only one chart, using the stockcharts default setting, being long here and now makes perfect sense. The 6 month has a double top with the tops both over the 50 and 200 day moving averages. A short squeeze scenario is not some new long attempt to pump the share price, it's a real possibility.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Don't you think STRA is a safer bet? Same industry; at lows not seen in over 12 years and still making money? Could make a similar percentage move up when sentiment improves, with less risk.

    • I now own nearly 1.5% of the company.

      Quickeeping. Can we keep it real? At $154M market cap, one of two things are true. 1. You are an idiot. Investing $3M with little to no diversification. That's just stupid. 2. You are an idiot. A wanna be rich one. You have hundreds of millions of dollars and this high risk bet is just a small piece of a rich person's portfolio. I am sorry, but you are just not smart enough to be that wealthy. Your prior posts show you as an absolute amateur. I don't think you are an idiot. I just think you made a gaffe, and need to keep it real. Keep it real.

    • I take it you mean Heald College--the 12 west coast campuses? The last audit report indicated COCO was carrying almost $200K goodwill on that 2010 acquisition, but so far so good. Biggest risk in my mind (and COCO points it out themselves) is that the federal gravy train gets choked off by a wicked combination of liberals who prefer to support not-for-profit schools and fiscal conservatives who just want to cut the federal budget. But none of that is happening in the short term.

      Sentiment: Buy

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