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  • yabdabbadaniel4 yabdabbadaniel4 Feb 6, 2014 9:17 AM Flag

    Dead cat bounce to $1.80

    Always does
    Too many shares short 20 million

    And resident message board basher too pessimistic

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    • COCO is way OVERSOLD- $1.80 by friday

    • Newsletter stockpickr issued BUY COCO
      over weekend with three day price target of $1.75
      "We noticed extreme oversold conditions in COCO last week coupled with developing Private Equity buyout interest resulting in upside potential this week with a three day trading target of $1.75"
      Additionally "we see an over dose of short seller communications of scare tactics and fear making us conclude that this is bottoming out here and short sellers are finding fewer available shares to cover".

    • Hahahaha the board resident basher may be pessimistic but I am very optimistic this is going sub $1 !
      Dead cat bounce to $1.31 then doooooooooown we go .

      Unfortunately I could not short this, due to other very heavy commitments, 18% of float is short at the moment i believe, there is a lot of money behind short positions, pathetic mostly pretend buyers will get steamrolled.

      I DO NOT GIVE INVESTMENT ADVICE, i post for entertainment value just my personal opinion do your own DD