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  • haveskiiswilltravel haveskiiswilltravel Feb 9, 2014 9:59 PM Flag

    Brian Grosso's article on CC...

    I have read Brian Grosso's report on CC and it is a great example on how someone can manipulate data to fit their needs. He bring out the entire arsenal for bad data on CC but fails to identify any good data... Even when he does admit to positives given by CC for upcomming qtrs he denies the validity of such information.. In effect calling the reps from CC liars. This reporter has admitted to being bullish on CC in the past but now he sees a failing organization and one that will fail more in the future.. While reading the aritcle I sensed a tremendous bias, and I do mean tremendious. This Brian Grosso guy seems to have an ulterior motive for putting down CC.. The one comes to mind is that I believe the man is either a short trader or is connected closely to someone that is going to short this stock on Monday in hopes that his artiicle persuades investers to dump... I think there should be an investigation into the trading this guy does or the people he is close to... I will search for a way to have this guy investigated... His article is very dimeaning and the data in it tries to manipulate the thinking of investors... I feel he is not correct in his overall attitude on CC.. and I think his manipulation of negatives vs positives should be illegal especially when they are posted on the CC investors website provided by yahoo... I do believe this Grosso guy is a ditry investor and has used the Yahoo financial site to dirty CC reputation... Again I think Brian Grosso needs to be investigated by the FTC... and if dirty the FTC needs to publish its findings for the world to see... Brian Grosso hasn't coined the attitude of souring peoples mind over a stock for shorting reasons, it has been done countless times.. Seems the FTC would be sensitive to this kind on information manipluation.... it really sucks that people can report such trash and cause stocks to tumble... when tumbling is not appropriate.... PLEASE FTC INVESTIGATE BRIAN GROSSO...

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    • I follow SA's articles, BG's point is that if we can not get our new programs approved, we become limited to existing programs. Also if we can not be accredited, then we will be screwed. It is valid, but the chance is slim. Because private industry can sue the Government from bias-decisions......

      I think COCO can be as high as CECO in valuation, i.e. about $3/share or maybe more..... look at the data, we may be low in cash, but we should be in break even as Rev drops and expense drops.....

      $1.4 is way too low. When Jack said ground school students will be FLAT during the conference. That is a good news, no longer dropping.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • It was an interesting article, but when he mentioned that COCO may drop to zero he lost me. That was a very stupid thing to write. The stock is not going to zero, ever. Sounds like there's an agenda behind this.

    • I agree with you. Please note BG invested in COCO, took a lost, got bitter, then change his sentiment to negative, and not only that, he bashed the very very stock he once invested in. Should we call it buyer's remorse. I know one too many SA writers that have ulterior motives. Just go to to CLSN and the INO headlines. They pumped the stock up, then bash the stock, then pump it up again and again. BG singled out COCO while given credit to ESI, APOL EDMC, and CECO, knowing they all have the same regulatory issues. BG is now a marked writer, and I will hold him accountable for everything he said. If COCO goes back up, he will attribute it to "contrarian" investor/dead cat bounce, and further predict the demise of the company. He also has the balls to predict COCO might be de-listed and go to zero. I've never seen a so-call objective writer that is willing to drive a company to the abyss. Need not worry, the PPS will prove him wrong in the long run. You won't hear from him again once this company is bought out.

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      • One more thing to add. All the FPEs mentioned and many unmentioned also have falling revenue and enrollment. The difference is, COCO is one of the last company to cut workforce and shed asset , and if you see the other FPE that took a RIF and sell asset, their stock rose. Would you think it be the same for COCO? Also, the PPS at this level is a steal for PE wanting to get in the biusiness. As I said before, KKR owns Laureate. Go check it out.

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