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  • davenport_mba davenport_mba May 6, 2014 3:08 PM Flag


    Below is an exact copy of the post I wrote on August 23, 2010. It pretty much happened exactly as I said with today being the next to last chapter before the collapse of the company into obscurity.

    Current quarter missed expectations. The environment continues to be challenging for for-profit education.
    Future uncertainty....we don't know if and when....

    ...difficult time competing with other institutions for the quality student base required by current regulations. There are not enough quality students to fill our classrooms sufficiently to maintain profitability....challenging evirnoment...uncertainty...

    Our credit lines have been further reduced. Our cash position is still strong. Analysts don't understand...challenging...uncertainty....

    ...resignation of our....officer...write off due to severance packages....challenging, uncertainty....expect return to profitability by....

    ....continued challenging....uncertainty....don't know when we will be profitable again....looking for strategic alternatives....

    ...retained Morgan Stanley as an advisor to explore options for sale or new investment in our Company...we believe it is in Shareholder interests....challenging....uncertainty....

    ...we have had to make....delisted....unanticipated...unprecedented challenges...regretfully...future viability is uncertain....

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    • There's nothing "exact" about what you said 4 years ago. In fact, what you said wasn't "predictions" at all....but just a regurgitation of their general situation, at that point in 2010, and an expression of generalized "dis-ease" on your part. And you want us to be impressed?

      You really are a legend in your own mind, and distastefully so. One would think your MBA title would be "good enough" for you, in knowing you have the education you do. But your need to self congratulate, and self promote, is what makes it so unseemly.....especially when there is really nothing original or creative about your thinking on COCO. You fancy yourself as the canary in the coal mine....but you are really just a preening, and overweening, buzzard.

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      • August 23, 2010 Review:

        COCO: $4.80 per share. Now $1.08
        SPY: 106.86. Now 186.78

        Is what you're trying to say that COCO's situation in losing almost 80% value while the S&P gained almost 80% in value was so predictable that I deserve no credit? OK, so if it was so obvious to you and to the people you are selling this retrospective "of course I knew this - nothing new here Sherlock" nonsense to to on this board, well, we all must have shared the same opinion since 2010 right? And in that case, we we're all smart enough to be short sellers, right? There would not have been anybody with that knowledge (now) that would have bought shares over that period right? Great, so you agree with me then and now. What's the issue?

    • Davenport,
      What is amazing is how your prediction has been accelerating over the last year. Lets review, no product, unfair manipulation of students, no more free money, law suits, out of bank covenants, greedy management, more competition from on line schools, overpriced enrollment and high default rate. Soon the board will be saying its $.05 get ready for a bounce to 7 cents.

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