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  • badmoon_ryzzin badmoon_ryzzin May 8, 2014 5:26 PM Flag

    Shah Capital Filing

    Shah just filed on May 7th stating they own 8.11% of COCO, up from 6.36% at March 31. Perhaps they have a few ideas to lean on management.

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    • Odd that the price dropped given their large purchase.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Yeah, and little Jimmy got a C+ on his math test. So what? Name one fund or hedge fund in late 2007 that had even 10 percent cash, let along all cash, which would have been the best move before the drop from 14,000 to 6,500 on the Dow. After all, everyone knew, or should have known, that banks were giving janitors 500K to buy houses with nothing down. Actually, you didn't need to have any job to get 500K to buy a house.

      So, the whole world had to be fully invested then, and they ALL got crushed pretty soon after that. Now, the situation is similar. Name one real investor on planet earth who has the guts/smarts to sit on cash right now? Everyone is afraid of missing out. Chasing yield ALWAYS equals loss. You cannot name one time in financial markets history where chasing yield did not end in total collapse. So, they forced EVERYONE out of cash and into equities, and very soon the bill for that herd mentality behavior is going to come due.

      When that scramble for cash begins, almost everything will go down, and go down big. Can you name 3 stocks off the top of your head, out of 10,000, that didn't go down at least 40 percent during the crisis? People have a short memory. People who invest other people's money are not as bright as you seem to believe they are. Even Bill Ackman is such a genius that he took a 10 percent stake in Fannie Mae this past year at an average of $2.50 or so. Think about that. The shares were 28 cents less than a year before he bought, but he paid 1,000 percent higher than

      Almost all of you people are about to get taught a very valuable lesson. I can tell you week to week what it looked like back in 2008 and 2009, and I know that right now the complacency level is such that a much more violent move down is very possible. People seem to know that there is trouble ahead, yet they just cannot stand the idea that they might miss out on some more gains, and they sure don't want to have cash.

      Get out of equities now.

    • It's actually 8.41% that they are up to, including combined voting shares.

      If they go over 10%, they will become an "insider" for reporting purposes. It will be interesting to see if they are willing to do that.

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