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  • toyboat1 toyboat1 Jun 27, 2014 10:40 AM Flag

    how can these guys even wake up everyday considering what they've done

    being a former Heald student who reaped rewards of that education, as well as a returning wyotech student who is now working his way back up the ladder. considering Heald's long-time existence and ethics of making
    sure the students got a good education, as well as how Wyotech doesn't just "push-through" anyone who can
    fog a mirror and make a mark on a FAFSA form, (I have no knowledge about Everest) how can uncle Jacky
    and the other bozo's in upper management not just put a barrel to their temple and squeeze is beyond me.
    yeah, I'm long. big time. not greedy, just a working class guy with a family. does Obama and the dem cronies
    think by shutting the place down their only making a statement of don't mess with students.? I gotta say that
    some of the folks I attended school with weren't the best educated people, but anyone, and I mean ANYONE
    can excel. you just gotta want it bad enough and be disciplined to work for it. but as for Corinthian management, you guys outta be strung up for what you've done to all these people. teachers, admins, couselours, students, vendors, INVESTORS, etc. this is really gonna hurt if they auger down into the terra firma....... maybe we can get our own version of MH 340 with CCI execs onboard.

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