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  • dgnewton49 dgnewton49 Jul 9, 2014 3:15 AM Flag

    COCOs strength is in its assets, the value of which will play a key role in the future price of the stock. Purchasing more stock at these

    prices is a good move if you consider that the DOE is helping the company maximize the value of their assets by allowing coco to continue to operate in a normal fashion. Actually, the DOE is a major player in the success of the COCO's liquidation because the company needs more time to sell off its schools. I honestly believe that law suits will not be effective against the company so minimal money lost there. Savvy investors should be purchasing the stock right now.

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    • DOE is certainly not "helping" the company. It is facilitating an "orderly wind down." That means shareholders are the LAST people DOE is concerned about.

      They are basically, astonishingly, taking the assets AWAY from this sleazy management team, and saying "game over." The outcome of that process is very likely to involve 1) fire sales, and 2) outsized costs in the winding down process.

      DOE, in my opinion, WANTS the shareholders of COCO to get nothing, and wants the remaining entity to go bankrupt....after all of the students are provided for. The reason they WANT that to happen is that they want to teach a lesson to similarly sleazy operators. To remind shareholder owners that if you get in bed with the devil, DOE will no longer just turn away its gaze, and hand over its money to you.

      I can't believe the board didn't fire Jack, IMMEDIATELY upon this happenstance. It shows how feckless and cowardly they are. Although it wouldn't matter, at this point.

    • I totally agree. I have not received any good substantial research on the actual value of what the colleges are worth upon liquidation accept from you. Perhaps the institutional holders holding millions of shares know this and are keeping it quiet.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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