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  • lobo.delsol lobo.delsol Sep 3, 2009 9:14 PM Flag

    Protein Sciences is full of BS


    I used to think that Protein Sciences (PSC) is OK and NVAX is much better. I changed my mind. Now I think that PSC is full of BS and NVAX is light years ahead. PSC will hit a dead end very soon. They'll never amount to anything. How they managed to get a government grant, I'll never know.

    It's next to impossible to get details on PSC's clinical results. The very little they publish is presented in such a way that makes comparison with the competition impossible. I'm sure they do it deliberately.

    I've also been googling info on all of NVAX's competition. Man what a difficult task. I used to complain about NVAX not giving me enough info. Now I know that NVAX gives a gigantic amount of information compared to the competition.

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    • I’ve done a little digging on this and it’s hard to find studies done against the same strains…
      This recent study released by nvax was done using the Brisbane strain of h1n1 and h3n2…
      A few older studies used similar strains to PSC ….

      One thing I noticed was the result of the H3N2(A/Wisconsin)….

      PSC used a 135ug dose targeting H3N2(A/Wisconsin) and got a seroconversion of 77%...

      Nvax targeted the (A/New York)H3N2…..but they tested against the (A/Wisconsin) as a ‘drifted strain’ and showed a seroconversion rate of 100% with a 15ug dose….

      H1N1 (A/New Caledonia)….PSC had 60% with 135ug…

      Nvax had 78% with 30ug....

    • keep'll likely find some fda spouse's wife's friend or such is involved in said company's stock options. Call it insider trading, collusion, breach of trust, conflicted interest, all fair in war and fincance....for those of us raging under the prepared for the falling ivory if obama declares a long overdue 'war on corruption'

      of course if the mighty start turning on one another the sound of shattering glass could be deafening.

    • I suspect EBS will obtain PSC's assets thru bankruptcy filing, though I suspect PSC will be able to force a better deal for themselves.

      Should EBS balk, PSC might be able to find a third suitor and payoff the loan and penalties straight out. IMHO.

      Either way I agree, Abrams looks like he went back on his word.

      Here's some Thimerasol dirt on EBS, funny how BARDA will do business with them too.

      Other Litigation. We are, and may in the future become, subject to other legal proceedings, claims and litigation arising in the ordinary course of our business in connection with the manufacture, distribution and use of our products and product candidates. For example, Emergent BioDefense Operations Lansing Inc., or EBOL, is a defendant, along with many other vaccine manufacturers, in a series of lawsuits that have been filed in various state and federal courts in the United States alleging that thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative used in the manufacture of some vaccines, caused personal injuries, including brain damage, central nervous system damage and autism. No specific dollar amount of damages has been claimed. EBOL is currently a named defendant in 40 lawsuits pending in two jurisdictions: three in California and 37 in Illinois. The products at issue in these lawsuits are pediatric vaccines. Because we are not currently and have not historically been in the business of manufacturing or selling pediatric vaccines, we do not believe that we manufactured the pediatric vaccines at issue in the lawsuits. Under a contractual obligation to the State of Michigan, we manufactured one batch of vaccine suitable for pediatric use. However, the contract required the State to use the vaccine solely for Michigan public health purposes. We no longer manufacture any products that contain thimerosal.

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