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  • lostinspace.likeyou lostinspace.likeyou Feb 1, 2013 2:33 PM Flag

    One lie amongst 1001 lies

    Norse said: "You Coyote are somehow hooked up with Stan"

    Then, he said: "Coyote has 100 IDs"

    Thus, Norse is accusing Stan of hooking up with someone who, according to Norse, posts on this board using 100 IDs.

    This is a very serious accusation. It's but one of 1001 totally baseless accusations Norse made against Stan.

    Stan and Coyote, with the support of every good investor, are going to hit Norsemanwam so hard he will wish he never heard of NovaVax.

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    • Norse,

      Do you think I would have said what I said to you if I hadn't compiled a mountain of evidence against you? You crossed the line big time, many times. All this is documented.

      As for me, I'm untouchable. I'm untouchable because I contributed a great deal of information on this board, information that was all correct and interpretations that were proven correct in due time. Some of the info I volunteered was not accessible anywhere in published literature, and unobtainable by most individuals. The truthfulness of my words is a testament to my honesty. Yet, dirtbags like you feel justified to throw accusations my way based on no evidence whatsoever.

      What is your evidence that I'm BBall or Rez or any of the other people here? As for Coyote, what difference does it make if I were Coyote or not? Coyote left this board. He and I never posted at the same time. Besides, my opinions are the same as his. So, assuming I'm Coyote, how is anybody hurt by me switching IDs? How come nobody here complains except you? How come everybody here complains about you, except the bashers?

      What would really kill you in court is the fact that I have not traded at all since my purchase at $1.25 in 2011. Whereas, according to you, you have been trading all along. You admitted to it after the fact and claimed to have made $100 thousand. At the time you claim to have sold you were completely quiet. But, at the time you claim to have bought, you were bashing Stan & Jim big time. In a court of law, it is called stock manipulation.

      However, this is nothing compared to the other slips you made over time. Your words are still on this board, documented not only by me, but also by others, in great detail. If in the future you succeeded in hurting the company and its investors, many here will take you to court and use your own words against you.

      I'm not a stupid man. I know it's possible that a deranged person like you may sue me one of those days. I would not have crossed you and exposed you for the liar that you are, if I were not untouchable.

      This is my last post to you. Get out of my way, dirtbag.

    • Bump! This should stay on top until Norseconman is in shackles.

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