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  • birdyvax birdyvax Apr 2, 2013 12:38 PM Flag

    Four more rare bird flu cases reported in China

    That's since yesterday when it was 3, with 2 deaths!
    Now its 4 new for a total of 7
    This does not look good at all.
    Potential Pandemic.
    My first thought is, hopefully this isn't the next Spanish flu or worse.
    Second thought... NVAX has the technology to deal with this better than anyone else.
    Third thought...I hope this thing can be stopped.
    Share price...not so high on the list but it could obviously explode if this new killer bird flu gets out of hand.
    Look for NVAX to save the day & make us all (except Norse) very rich and happy we saved the world.

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    • New Killer Bird Flu: Man-made???

      Creation of new bird-flu virus strain is 'morally wrong' April, 2, 2013

      A group of leading scientists have said it is "morally and ethically wrong" to continue to create a highly infectious strain of bird-flu virus that could be transmitted easily between people.

      The scientists, who include a former UK government chief scientist and a Nobel laureate, have urged US President Barack Obama's advisers to investigate the ethical issues raised by the decision to create a new influenza virus in the laboratory that is more lethal and transmissible than any that exists in nature.

      Two teams of flu researchers announced in 2011 that they had succeeded in mutating the H5N1 avian virus so that it could in theory be transmitted through the air between people.

      They stopped the research last year as part of a wider voluntary moratorium following public outrage over the work. But they announced an end to the moratorium earlier this year, and even an expansion into new areas.

      In a strongly worded letter sent to the US Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, opponents of the research warn that there has not been enough debate about the lifting of the moratorium.

      They said the 60pc mortality rate of the H5N1 virus put it in a "class of its own" and that attempting to make it more transmissible was tantamount to risking a devastatingly deadly flu pandemic.

      "The accidental release of an artificial, laboratory-generated, human-transmissible H5N1 virus has the potential to cause a global pandemic.

    • China typically tries to keep a lid on news like this until things start to get out of control. I'll bet you there's many more who are ill than what's being reported. It kind of reminds me of them having over 6000 dead pigs in the water, but the water is somehow still safe to drink!!

    • From one news article about the situation:
      The health bureau of eastern Jiangsu province said three women and a retired man from different cities in the province were all critically ill with the H7N9 virus, a diagnosis confirmed by the provincial disease prevention center. The cases are the second batch to be confirmed after three in Anhui province and nearby Shanghai on Sunday.
      ... Adding to the mystery is this information from the news article:
      Based on the statement, only one of the patients appeared to have had daily contact with birds — a 45-year-old woman who was described as a poultry butcher. The four cases did not appear to be connected, and other people who have had close contact with the patients have not reported having fevers or respiratory problems, it said.

    • China Raises Epidemic Response Plan Amid Re-Emergence Of Bird Flu
      Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/02/2013 11:58 -0400

      Just when you thought it was safe to play fowl again, China's CDC-equivalent has raised its level of concern to level-3 amid concerns that the bird flu virus is back (but this time in a different form). China reported on Tuesday that four more people in one province were seriously sickened by a bird flu virus new to humans. SCMP reports that the four latest cases follow three earlier ones reported on Sunday, including two men who died in Shanghai, resulting in the city activating an emergency plan that calls for heightened monitoring of suspicious flu cases. Cases of severe pneumonia with unclear causes are to be reported daily by hospitals to health bureaus, up from the weekly norm. The plan also called for stronger monitoring of people who work at poultry farms or are exposed to birds. The H7N9 strain has previously been considered not easily transmitted to humans, unlike the more virulent H5N1 strain, that has since killed 360 people worldwide. There is no evidence, as yet, that any of the three earlier cases, who were infected over the past two months, had contracted the disease from each other but on the bright side, the announcements, as lacking in details as they are, show that the government is mildly more transparent in handling health crises than it was a decade ago during the Sars pneumonia epidemic.

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