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  • thesavvymonkey777 thesavvymonkey777 Sep 8, 2013 9:16 AM Flag

    My Prediction... We Get A Partnership Announcement On 09/24/2013...

    Why else would NVAX bother to set up this analyst day event for the investment community? Think about it, folks.

    Flight attendants, prepare for takeoff... IMO!

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    • My prediction is that on Sep. 24th, we will hear about the optimization/scale up results are successful. We will hear about the regulatory pathway for each program, especially how Matrix-M is going to be integrated. And we might hear about the MERS preclinical results if we are lucky. I wouldn't expect too much of anything else.

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      • Bball I like your prediction. I think we get a new partner or the partners we have make considerable investments i.e BARDA following up on part 2 of the existing contract. With very good news regarding optimization NVAX should have an expanded role of stockpiling just in time for the flu season. Further, with demonstrated stellar results PATH should be ready to dig a little deeper and provide funds for the RSV efforts.

        These seem like a natural outflow from recent successes, so maybe a real surprise awaits of a partner not yet visibly at the table.

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      • There should be a mention of funding from BARDA and/or PATH before or after the 24th...funding is an important factor and must get near term resolution...and, hopefully, the rollout of Obamacare will not pre-empt NVAX news...

    • But... why did they not do it in NYC instead of on the net ?

      When asked "will it be in NYC?" Erck said this first one would be on the net and the ensuing ones in NYC.

      That's confusing. He alludes to ensuing annual analyst meetings. It hints at no buyout.. partnership likely.

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      • It's strategic...first, to keep people with info from sharing it...when it comes to billions, everything gets considered...lunches, dinners, being seen with others does not happen over the net...people can't get hammered, scrutinized or pressured into wrong reponses too easily over the net...wheels are in motion...Erck does not want to get cornered or stalked...

    • PS - The idea of an AZN/NVAX partnership being kicked around on this message board makes a ton of sense to me. It's two puzzle pieces that would fit together almost perfectly in the event of an acquisition, too, kind of like what you would see in terms of improved synergies with either ATVI/TTWO or YUM/WEN.

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