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  • rpmanco rpmanco Sep 10, 2013 3:02 PM Flag

    My biggest losses came from selling too soon

    I’ll get to the point first. Don’t sell too soon. If you need the money sell part, or trade some, and have sell points for the rest. Mine are 6, 11 and 20. I could end up with dead money; yet, I think the odds are in my favor to reach 6. I have no idea when but hope in the near future. You want to do DD, have realistic expectations and hope the bumps along the way do not turn into roadblocks. It looks like many here have done DD to an impressive degree…I’m sure that some of you have also sold too soon. Mine are ghosts:
    Sold 2000 shares of Msft for a small gain in late 1980s.
    Sold 4000 shares of Entremed at 11 after holding for a year, three days before it shot up to 60.
    Sold 2000 shares of RIM at 22 for a $2 gain. Then watched it climb to 150.
    Notwithstanding these “mistakes”, I’ve had more investing success than failure. Hopefully, there will be no more ghosts and hope all of us achieve our goals. Best.

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    • AMEN to this post....

      - Disclosure: I SOLD Apple right before the Iphone after my brother-in-law, a programmer for E-BAY said he thought "that bubble is about to pop."


    • Tell me about it. I had 5,000 shares of BCRX at $2.02/share earlier this year, watched it pull back, got fed up with it while it was dithering around in the basement, and dumped it out of frustration at $2.03/share for a profit that bought me the equivalent of a meal at a fast food restaurant. Look at where the stock is today... Whoops.

      You're right. When it comes to stocks like BCRX and NVAX, don't sell too soon. You never know when it is going to pop up and leave you in the dust... It's much better to be on the rocket ship than off of it when it happens.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Bought KTOS @ 4.5 sold it a little over 6, it does cause regret...

    • Agreed 100%. I sold Apple right before the first i-phone, after a close relative in IT, said he thought the Apple was about to burst. Apple was one of many but the most painful one by far.
      By all the thumbs ups, it sounds like many here have had similar experiences. Live & learn.
      I've held NVAX for 6 long & trying years and have accumulated shares on the many dips. Things have never looked or felt this good for NVAX or it's faithful shareholders.
      In any case... great advice rpmanco.

    • Thanks for sharing, I don't feel so bad now after selling ACAD right before it shot up. Then bought INO and made a small profit, but sold before the run to 3. I don't have much invested into NVAX dollar wise, but its all i have in the market and I'm hoping it continues to perform. I'm just trying to recoup some money from a few bad picks.

    • Don't feel too bad. I held Apple when it was in the single digits as well. I made a good profit, but what it could have been if I just forgot I had that investment for a decade.

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      • ... stock payoffs come through experience which come through failures and I've had my stock sage here...but, do a great deal of study before making decisions to hold paper gains...I purchased NVAX because of VLP...I believe its the chosen method, the future and next generation...there are vast applications for this technology...RSV is the key to success and so far NVAX has attracted important believers...NVAX is expressing a great deal of confidence...the next few weeks may not get to 6...but, if it rounds the bend in the next few weeks with optimization, BARDA, that will be enough to hold most through a buyout...meaning I plan to hold shares in the buyer after

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