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  • rpmanco rpmanco Dec 5, 2013 12:22 PM Flag

    Will there be news over the weekend?

    This is the same question that both longs and shorts ask themselves. Considering the consistently high volume and climbing sp, one has to wonder what would happen if there was an announcement, an upgrade or a headline story in a major newspaper. It doesn’t even have to be an American paper. Now for those shorts with large positions, already underwater, anyone of the aforementioned events would put them in phantoms of the deep. Regardless, smart shorts (oxymoron) and traders will take some off the table or take something from the med cabinet for sleep. Tomorrow will be an interesting day… In any case, it will be a LONG weekend…

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    • What happened with BLDP was interesting, I do believe big money gets inside info. BLDP's pps sank even with Obama endorsing clean energy to close at the day low, then boom news after market and it's up like 20%, that had to be manipulation.

    • Something is deffinately going on but I don't think there will be anything released over the weekend. That is not to say after hours today or tomrrow before the market opens. There is so much that could be released, RSV, pandemic, MERS, malaria or rabies even. Who knows, but I fully believe that some good news in each of these areas is coming plus a lot more.

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      • I'm thinking news is in the works, and has been for some time -- perhaps back before or at the equity financing time. However, at that equity financing time, I did say that there might have been tacit agreement by the financing entities (and NVAX) that the stock price would be supported after that financing. It is a hard read, mostly because it is clear to me that NVAX has moved so well and is now positioned so well fundamentally -- that this move up does not have to be near-term news based.

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    • Not going to worry about it, putting on some more shrimps on the bar-b over the weekend. The truth is that NVAX and the big boys know something, and it is big or they wouldn't buy at this pace. When the news finally trickle out to us small retail folks is irrelevant at this point. Just kick back and relax. We are small ants on the back of the elephant.

      If only Nukester and Jeffg would have taken my advice to switch onto the long train back in the days, they would be having a wonderful weekend and enjoying their triple digit gains on balance. Instead, they are sitting there waiting for some vol spike or some mumbo jumbo to try to short at the next 52 week high. Oh well. Santa is coming to town.

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      • "NVAX and the big boys know something"

        That statement made me smile.

        NVAX has some of the finest scientists in the world. They just had a H7N9 clinical that beat ALL competitors by months with such outstanding results that a cabinet member of the US Government recommended that they see if the NEJM was willing to publish the results. The NEJM could have politely declined by saying we don't publish phase I results of small companies or large companies for that matter. No, they published.

        I personally don't believe any deal is in the works. Based on "subject matter experts" on the board (with absolutely no disrespect intended) I believe that Novavax was considered a player with a novel approach but not yet taken seriously.

        I believe Mr Erck and his entire team are as surprised and ecstatic about the results as we all are.

        Many of the scientists know 'in theory' what the technology was capable of. Many of the knowledgeable longs has inklings of the potential, but when the clinicals came back I believe they surpassed all expectations.

        The ramifications of NVAX VLP technology are akin to dropping a large drop of india ink in a glass of water. They will spread slowly and take time to spread but eventually they will become a part of the entire vaccine production industries standard.

        I believe we are watching a moment in history akin to Microsoft introducing its first operating system.

        JMO. Thanks to all board contributors.

      • if we're ants on the back of the elephant, the shports are dung beetles...

      • "We are only small ants on the back of the elephant"! Excellent! My expression for the same thought is "surfing the wave", the wave being institutional buying.

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