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  • FunnieBucket FunnieBucket Aug 28, 2003 4:09 PM Flag

    Comments Wanted!!

    To All:

    i cant help but notice that a Major Regional Power Outage happened in the North East Section of North America and we still do not have a reason why it happened.

    today, London happened.

    i have major concerns. something is being hidden in the energy sector that stinks to beat high heaven.

    i also can't help but notice how the Vice-President and the White House have conveniently stopped any probes into the investigation and pawned it off as if it were a mere toaster that was unplugged by "little johnny".

    i want answers, and i want them now. so should all of you.

    i want you all to post your thinking on this matter. both sides, whether "buy" or "sell" posters are important. i want to hear all possible scenarios, no matter how stupid they may sound. this is not a joke. i for one like to joke a lot, but this time i am not.

    thank you all in advance,


    P.S. i do have my own theory, i want to hear all yours first.

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    • Funniebucket;

      Very interesting question. And some interesting theories as well. Here's mine, but first, a bit of background.

      On 8-26, NPR reported that the Ohio utility 1st Energy, (the company currently being blamed for the blackout) had warned regulators in Ohio that in the event of a major annomoly in the power grid, that their systems could fail. 1st Energy had made the same report to Ohio in 2002 as well. So, even if the problem is found to have originated at 1st Energy, or if it was their equipment failure that let all the dominos fall, it's doubtful in my mind that they are part of any conspiracy. Why report a possible problem in advance if you're in cahoots as part of some nefarious plot to crash the grid?

      Second, a congressional report written some 5 years ago also warned of potential blackouts because of both the aging of the national power grid and the strain that increased electrical demand was placing on it.

      Third, utility companies are generally very conservatively managed and like to, as a general rule, try to stay out of the limelight. A blackout is the LAST thing they would conspire to create because the public backlash when it happens is enormous. And right or wrong, the power companies always take the blame.

      So now, here are my theories.

      1.) Terrorists hacked into the computer network that manages the grid and somehow manipulated the system to create the blackout. If so, it was an excellent choice, because like the 9-11 attack, it was designed to cause economic damage.

      2.) Same as #1 except substitute the words "organized crime" instead of terrorists.

      3.) Not a conspiracy at all, just a huge blackout like Congress warned us could happen. (I was around for the '66 backout and I don't remember any conspiracy theories floating around then. But then Al Gore hadn't invented the internet yet had he?)

      If I were a betting man, I'd have my money on terrorist hackers or the mafia. Unlike the power companies, they have nothing to lose and won't have to clean up the resulting mess.

      However, I sure wish the entire fiasco could be blamed on Gray Davis.

      Rock On KMP-KMR!

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      • sailor308 --

        (ideas in no particular order)...

        i am not saying its true, but what if the conspiracy knew the weakness in the grid after they saw the report and attacked it? i am not saying terrorist, but what if we pulled the whammy like London did, which was to "pull the plug" in order to stop an attack thru all the internet servers? sorta like a dry run test. seems to me the best way to stop a toaster from over toasting is to unplug it, and fast!...LOL only one problem, they left us in the dark for too long, literally and figuratively...

        nah, they only make $ running the electric, and insurance is not a reliable way to replace loss of income in every industry.

        mafia, nah, you can't hold a flashlight and a gun at the same time...LOL

        internet? playing around? like a little kid who tapped into the central nervous digital system?...LOL nah, he is too busy playing video games...LOL

        ok, here is my theory...

        they are shutting up in Washington cuz something serious happened and they don't want you to know. something is being hid from us. that's getting to be more the probability.

        it could have been a terror attack over the net (there were several warnings recently) and we pulled the plug and it worked. also, take special note to 2 of the most fastest spreading viruses in internet history during this exact same time period. London same attack, and we helped prevent it, we worked together just like we did going into iraq. another smart move by Bush. its a damn good thing we have an energy expert in the whitehouse, cuz without him we are sunk! try to win a war without energy. you can't.

        anyway you slice it, we still don't have a reason why the grid crashed and we still don't know why London grid crashed either.

        either way, our stock market is not down cuz of it, if that's what it was from, who knows. we still don't know, and we may never find out.

        so back to our typical days as usual.


        P.S. can you imagine Gore as our President if he won that close count election?

      • That was a good analysis. I especially enjoyed the Al Gore internet part. Man, that bozo will never live that down. Shoot, hadn't the guy heard of DARPANET and ARPANET and all of the pre cursors to the internet before he opened his mouth. He would have been better off claiming he invented the lightbulb.....hehe

        Yes, is there a way we can drag ole Davis into the blackout fiasco. As I recall, the blackouts happened in California while he was governor, they are still happening, only now its nationwide. Yes, using a little TNS logic, I can conclusively determine that ole Gray Davis is most definately the culprit responsible. After all, I have stated the facts, and using a simple correlation shows its all Grays fault.....

    • This was traced to a power company in Ohio which is in serious financial difficulty. It is my opinion that when that happens, maintenance is the first thing cut. We also have an antique power grid system in this country that was abatted by the deregulation that was so heavily favored (at the time). I reserve the right to be wrong, or more probably, obnoxiously right.

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      • rschick32960 --

        i appreciate your comment.

        and i read that the power outage in the north east worked like this... there are backup systems, and if one area goes down, the next area over picks up. and if that gets strained and goes down too, then the next picks up both cities/areas, and so on and so on..etc... but we are talking cities like NewYork. so the domino affect took place and the next thing we know, its crash grid.

        on the other hand, there are methods in place to stop a domino affect rippling into the entire NorthEast Region? i don't buy the fact that you're telling me low maintenance is the cause or an old system is in place, and we have no circuit breaker to stop an entire Region from complete and utter total failure?

        i can't help but notice London only 10 days later had the same thing happen. for only a half-hour, but a lot less than ours, but still, this doesn't answer the question.

        the question was why haven't we heard the real reason of the crash of the power grid.

        your blaming the energy company is the Ohio area, but that's too obvious and if it is that company, why don't they say so.

        officially, they have not blamed some energy supplier in Ohio.

        your theory may be right, but surely they could have owned up to it by now.

        therefore, that theory doesn't hold water in the Funnie's Bucket.

        remember, i am not taking sides on this issue until i hear all your replies. then i will tell you my theory.


        P.S. i can't wait to hear London's excuse for their power grid crash. i just hope i don't hear something stupid and then say "now the plot thickens"